Monday, September 19, 2011

MC in town, packed up week

Another new week is starting. I have a close friend in town for the next few days. It would be also the week where I have to juggle some fair amount of work, play and study. This week will prove either a builder or breaker for me and I have high intentions to get to where I insist and perceived to be.

Work has it all. My end of employment is coming to near, and it would be such a great learning experience for me to help liquify assets from my company. Dealing with suppliers, potential buyers and literally a move to empty our entire establishment alone is not going to be easy. I do have some help and advise, certain support from friends too but nevertheless the bulk of work, report and stress still lingers.

Then there is Play! The usual balance between spending time w friends and having personal me time. No doubt it is play, it still requires time and resources and with what is coming in the next few days, it will be important for me to juggle time and manage them well to maximise the output. One thing I can count on is that my friends have no high expectations of myself, but how come I am so highly tensed up to ensure the perfect fit and experience comes into play?

Study of course is inevitable as my FINAL EXAM is just around the corner. Have I started revision? Only 20% ... but with approximately 5 days away, and looking at my schedule - I need to really slot in time to flip through the thick 400 pages text book. No to mentioned that my extra readings are not even done yet. I really hope I do not fail this exam ... I really want to complete this milestone and just proudly walkaway. No re-sit of exam, No complications and definitely NO MORE SAT,SUN CLASSES!

Not to mentioned other "ad-hoc" stuff that is lined up too, like family commitments and all. Then, my insomnia seem to be getting worse, and more frequent ... which is not exactly helping my recovery for my eyes. Last but not least is also the fact that things to pop up last minute and kinda steal time away from you. With all the packed schedule, I cannot imagine how last minute changes of stuff will do to me. Wao! Things just need to come all at one time ya?


Peace finally. Time to head to bed cos it would be a long week ahead ... and MC, thank you so much for this gift ...

It means a lot when you see detailed efforts are put into actions. You shouldn't have but I can feel your sincerity. Definitely a good pat on the back and a hair rub. Am so thrilled and happy you have someone to share your life with now because you deserve every bit of it you lion !!! Hugs

Friday, September 16, 2011

What am I doing

Never the day I thought I would receive a compliment on my writing. Come on, I have tons (or is it tones???) of writing errors engulfing the entire english syllabus in comprehension, sentence structure, grammar and nevertheless vocabulary. So a compliment now and then boosted my ego. So I've decided to drop a poison meaningless post on my blog to literally kill you guys who are reading this.

Anyway, have anyone noticed that it has been extremely quiet today? It's kinda like a public holiday, quite long to say since it goes across the weekend but no one seem to make a big hoohaa about the sales or malls. I was at KLCC and to be frank, it was not as bustling and busy as I expected it to be.

After shopping for a plain tee at UQ for just RM10 a piece and buying oral hygiene stuff for mum at Guardian, I spent most of my days reading through case study for my finals next week. I should be jumping in joy, but some how I feel again ... put down. lay down. or maybe just down.

perhaps it is the fact that my eyes are healing. perhaps it is the weather ever so mellow and gloomy. perhaps it is the absence of exercise and gym. perhaps it is the way I've spent my time being so unproductive and literally expecting too much.

perhaps perhaps

Ok la ... nothing to write.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sept 14th

Yesterday I drove around town. I let the window down and enjoyed the quiet breeze late night. It was like a fast train of memories. I remember many years back, on the same day ... I had my wings clipped and was literally shattered. I sat in my car, broke into pieces while others were worried sick. It was the day of hopelessness and fragility. Hurt

Then yesterday, coincidentally memories flashed by. I thought, how I have grown and breakaway. How life has been so different. How life was no longer about crying. How life has exploded

The nights where I sing myself to sleep, wondering why he never understood and called was no longer an issue. Life do suck without him. Honestly. Well mistakes both of us made.

That said, coincidentally yesterday Kelly Clarkson release her album cover too!

Haha ... random thoughts eh? I really can't wait for her album to come ... and meet her too! oh my ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bye bye glasses

I believe I had one of the weirdest moment. EVER. It happened a few days ago but well, I rather put you guys in suspense because it is rather private. Just wanted to tease some of the readers here, but you know who you are and thank you ... thank you so much for making the effort.

And so this post is about vanity.

I finally had my lasek, lasik or laser whatever the medical jargons used to describe the traumatic experience of lying on the operation bed having a thin slice of cornea flipped, then shot with laser lights and then placed back ... I describe them to MK as Black Eyed Pea Music Video experience, upclose personal and macro! He laughed.

The traumatic experience is pretty much psychological. To be honest, there were absence of pain. Nothing to worry about. Perhaps my doctor was gentle, professional and quick. He made the process bearable and short. Simple sweet and precise. After 48 hours, I dare say ... my vision is nearly perfect for sight. I finally can read without glasses or contacts.

Just some two pence worth of advise, post and pre of the operation (you can directly ask me if you would like to know more too), not that I am an expert but I did went for a formal education session on the whole process.
  1. It is absolutely a safe procedure, nothing is cut out ... no tissue is removed, just a process the call "flap" and laser.
  2. After surgery, avoid sunlight, sauna, steam, dust, smoke and contact sports. This include sex ok!
  3. Check with your clinic if they provide a life-time warranty for the lasek. Mine does!
  4. Should after examination your cornea is too thin, there are always alternatives ... the technology for eye surgery has improved tremendously. Just see if you have *kaching* or not
  5. You can still wash your hair and face, just be caution with shampoo
  6. Sensitive eye will have lots of tears ... think of as onion chopping experience, a prolonged one
  7. Before surgery, get your facial done, get your hair cut and get your gym routines all pumped up.
  8. DO NOT RUB your eyes (some ppl have bad habit like me)
  9. Sleep with this plastic cover ... which made me look like some sort of alien (pic below)
  10. Teardrops every 2 hours, every 6 hours antibiotics and try not to strain your eyes
  11. Be ready with CASH - OR CREDIT

Piece of advise, don't look at the medical bill. Being me, I actually formularized the procedure and to be honest, after a hefty discount for flirting with the doctor ... just joking, knowing the doctor personally as a friend ... The 20 minutes process (excluding eye examination, medication and fabulous customer service) ... it was RM7200 for both eyes.

The price you pay for vanity. You don't exactly need it ... but for furgly people like me ... it is better to have it done young la. While the market is still relevant. So I am putting my hefty bet on ROI.


Now, to calculate and manage my financial for my next cosmetic enhancement ...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Couple - Investing together

Today ... earlier in the morning, I felt that many things were wrong. Right now, after 16 hours through the day, have things mellow down? Hmmm

It is amazing how I have spent most of the time today building an electronic japan city. Being hooked and called an addict to the latest game I downloaded, I literally was multitasking the whole day managing roads, shop sales and kiddish stuff that people do when they download games onto their iphone. Being mobile and having your best mates playing neighbors didn't really help because you spent most time talking about strategies, asking for helps and in the game jargon, sending tourist to aid each other.

I told myself, since I spent so much time playing and injecting efforts to lift my spirit - I should balance it equally with work, or rather something else more productive. So in the last hours before I head to bed, I read. Personal Money magazine.

So here comes the boring and dry stuff, but it is really worth the read.

After reading an article nicely written on couples, I realize how much investment and future plans as well as goals in managing financial is important. I remember back in the days when my partner use to tell me about joint accounts, sat me down calmly alerting me about expenditures and planning future - I would always nod in agreement, but missing in action. We did not really had the true intention or actual methods to lay it all down in plan.

The world no doubt is changing, with major trends and movements - lifestyle has been more expensive than ever. Sometimes luxurious!!! Not to mentioned about elevating it, sustaining it is a problem to many people and being a couple makes it even more tough. It is worst when you are with someone who doesn't understand and share the same ideologies as you are.

With the current political arena Malaysian is facing, the government is not exactly helping too. Screw the helicopter view that our PM is trying to bring in more FDI for a better tomorrow. The gap and barrier between the high rollers and low earners are too wide for any benefit. Not to mentioned how labour and market expectations have structure social constrains onto individuals in both the workforce and personal living, we are still fairly far behind. Should I even begin with corruption?

Back to the article, in summary two is better than one. Seeing my father joining forces with his brothers, grandma supporting my uncles and aunties in their investment and mum's recent entry into my business life has certainly help and ease the difficulties faced. The article which focuses on couple talks and plans for money highlights the importance of understanding each others' spending traits, habits and personality ("ies" if any!!!) by having proper planned future strategies, goals and agreed process to reach those miles.

Couples are better off with having three separate pots; one shared and two individual to maintain autonomy that allows both party to play equal CEO roles in healthy management for decided joined financials. Of course, debt is a different story and I strongly suggest (not that I am any professional wealth advisor) that individual settle that in a different pot without involving the other partner. You wouldn't really want "kind-debts" right?

So, if you reader are out there. Remember to practice heart to heart talk about managing your financials. Few summary pointers;

  1. Converse, listen and care in the right, comfortable situation
  2. Avoid setting expectations and dreams, be realistic
  3. Treat pots and goals like business partners - the more formal, the safer and better
  4. Be empathy and do not discriminate as each individual is different
  5. Invest together is risky, but managing risk is often a learning process
  6. Commit to your goals and intended investment
  7. Always set a withdrawal mechanics that does not hurt anybody
Regardless if it is a small investment on a gadget that could potentially generate passive income, bigger investment of a home to stay together, a pledge to allocate apportion of salary into a "we" account or even just plainly commitments towards mr. 4 legged creature, couples need to look into sustainability. Open communication and frequency checks should be done to regulate changes and what business deemed as cash flow.

In conclusion, couples can maximize their potentials in investing together when both party can calculate each other fits and misdemeanors as potential risks. Love should always be the driving force for the goals but never NEVER the reason for investing. A piece of advise, if your relationship is only 1 year old, don't bother taking a 80% commitment of funds to your partner. What I am trying to say is that, the longer the relationships, the higher guarantee for safer returns. Not that I endorse quantity of time, but you need to know what is best and IT TAKES TIME. If possible, equate love out of the topic.

Hope that helps.

Now I need to find someone who have the same goals with me to start off but first, Japan Life!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The gamer and my ex colleagues ramble

My gamer self today has officially strategize a safe exit plan!!!

While I was returning from a teh-tarik drinking session, one bike and car was up to no good. Immediately I remember K's incident on federal highway. I calmly reduce my acceleration and started thinking, this bike in front of me tends to block my way no matter where I go. With no number plate and driving less than 60km/h, I quickly tweeted about the incident. In case I do go missing, I love you guys ya and I left a trail for CSI ... because I will never give in without a brutal fight. *eyes turning yellow and wind blowing*

But of course, that didn;t happened which is why you are reading this. I patiently waited for the opportunity to escape while cautious enough to keep a distant from the mobile behind. As soon as my chance came, they realize they are wasting their time. I am so happy the hours I spent on PS games and Binge paid off.

Anyway, I chated with an ex-colleague earlier today and found out that she is extremely unhappy in her new job. With a higher salary and exposure in a large company, she rightfully should be better off. As she continue to relate her story to me, I found yet another no surprise reason why her recent employment was deemed a nightmare, disaster and awkwardly strange. Management issue. Leadership issue. Working environment and culture issue. Perhaps she was benchmarking her tenure with us ... well that's good news for me! haha

Apparently, this factors never change one lo!

Every time someone complain ... it is surely either one of those reasons or all three together. She is suffocating as her team is under-performing not because it was overloaded with work, but mainly because there are rotten apples the company cannot dispose off. An actually employee actually yelled and dismissed the manager of department itself when the fault was his not the mangers. Strange how the power role has changed. There are also incidents where stresses boil to a point when you see yourself buried in work but your team is boiling porridge, a Canton term coiled to illustrate empty chats. How to work like this? She ask

Have we mentor her wrong to be responsible, reliable and responsive? I believe not. She is just a gem that was unlucky enough to have fit into a company that pays well, but performs badly. That justify when she mentioned that only seniors are retain in the company, turnover rate is extremely high among new employees and what awed me the most is when the assistant operation manager ask her, a NEW STAFF, to slack when she has tons of work to finish. There is a difference between the word break and slack. Bitch.

She relates to me that she pity her manager who often OT because of her team.

So how to solve this kinda problem? You cannot actually take immediate action because somehow the employment law protects them. They do execute their work, and only theirs but it comes to my knowledge that often the work is ill prepared. Silly careless mistakes are overlooked, often causing misconduct, trouble to their client and definitely delay in the team. In my dictionary, that is a big spank in their ass. But somehow, when fault occurs in her company ... not only does junior staff point fingers on senior managers ... they actually verbally insults them. It is an allowed culture?


My solution and advise to her ... Leave. Of course, there are other stuff which I will skip writing. Bad stuff. REALLY BAD AND NASTY BEHAVIORS.

I hate to say this, but what if I were in the senior position. How would I have reacted towards staff who unethically and no doubt unprofessional diss, humiliate and abuse me? of a mistake non mine? !*#&^@#!%^@!&@!


I can imagine ... but I definitely will have the pleasure to find out

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hagen Bday 2011 w R5

Going to just cut and paste my email to the R5 + Tammy :-D

I would like to express my utmost gratitude for still celebrating my bday after a whole month passed. Honestly I am really touched, and the effort put into getting everyone together, dining, all dolled up and flyingmercury with her surprise new self (awesomeness look) ... You girls cannot imagine how I felt when you all stood there singing the birthday song, snapping photos and showering me with laughter, camera flashes and sincerely wishing me for the best

And so I get kangaroo doll, a box gift, cake and cards ... so nice!

And so I am animated because I am happy

And so I get a set of Parker Pen ... and the birthday card looks like me!!!

And so I am with @hazzyalice

And so I am with @flyingmercury - SF

And so I am with Tammy ... more girls!!!!

And so I am with @biancobunny connie ... guys jealous yet?

And so I am with @trixiegan trying to steal her away from Ryan gorgor! haha

Group shot ... want you to make me feel, like I am the only boy in the world ...

R5 ...


Really love you all lots.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Over, It and I

It is over yet?
It feels like time stopped
I can finally cross the road blindly
Locking up the misery, anxiety and worries

It is over yet?
It really isn't that hard or bad I say
I know turning in circles and chasing weeps are just play
Running away, hiding ... crying what else I say

It is over yet?
Its the dark clouds that is to be blamed
I am the one at fault but I am pointing fingers
Pouring out and never learn to stand, to live, should I?

It is over yet?
Its explosion, screaming, constant lying
I am delusional they say, I am loved they said
Feeling lucky and alive is a chance, a choice

It is over yet?
Its constant hope, deliverance and salvation
I kneel, I pray and I weep
Crunching the sorrow, pain and

It is over, yet?
Its the voice so deafening I chose deaf, mute and numbness
I want release, I want freedom, I want the air I soar highly upon
Giving it all away, really shattering it all away

It is over
Its the stop and road you chose to go
I want myself gone, grown into another
Breathing, kissing and keeping all alive

It doesn't matter because it is over
Its definitely over
I know so

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kelly Clarkson - Mr. Know It All

Kelly Clarkson is back! This song will grow on you ... It is so nice ... I hope she hit the charts hard like she used to be.

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BABE IS BACK. Now I hope her video rocks too!