Monday, June 23, 2008


Its amazing. When you think the population in KL or Bangkok is a lot. Wait till you see Jakarta! Every single road, small, big, highway, smallway, lanes, single streets, anything - you will find cars and bikes kissing bumper to bumper. They are like everywhere! People EVERYWHERE!

and ... SERIOUSLY - JAM!

One advise, do not even think about traveling with their public transport. Thorn buses with ripped off paints, falling number plate and shattered glass. Yes, their public bus is like that! Blue van with no door. YES! I repear NO DOOR ... so if they turn violently at a corner, you better be hold on to anything that is glued to the vehicle.

The way they charge is also absurb. No ticketing system, you ride along the way and once you get down, you pay as per your arrive. Easy way to trick and cheat tourist.

No wonder you can't find any whites traveling around the city. I was lucky enough to have Angel to pre-warn me all these stuff and rented a personal transport, which is WAY CHEAPER and way more comfortable.

OK - I should stop listing the bad things. Now, the good thing is:

Their culture and language are still very rich and persistent. Everyone here speaks beautiful indon english and when it comes to english, they can hold it quite well too. Of course, I am judging them based on the few clients I met today and also the waiters who has been serving me.
The thing I like the most about INDON is how well they treat each other's salutation. They still refer their peers, community, people and practically anyone by "pak" or "bu" which means sir or madam. Regardless of your status and level of income - standard salutation. Very nice and EVERYONE uses it. Including those samseng, gila people, muka-tembok and indon-ahlian-ahbeng. YES, they have that here too.

Well ... I am so going to fall sick soon. My headache is getting worse, my throat healing bit but my flu stays the same. GOSH - I wish I had more rest. Signing off and till then ...

*culture shock*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Indonesia - JKT - Here I come!

Less than 24 hours, I will be departing to Indonesia.

Been hearing all the precautions, advises and also dos and don'ts for my travel to Jakarta this time around. No worries - I will becareful and take care of myself! Thank you for the wishes

I hope my bad fever-flu will go away soon. After a few dosages of paracetamol, vitamin C and flu-meds along with my 10 hours sleep earlier , I surely hope it will help make me better. At times, I feel better ... but at times, the echo and pain can be felt around my joints and ears. I hope I wouldn't have to go see a doctor when touch-down or anytime between my visit.

*touch wood touch wood

I hope this coming business trip will do some good. At least shine a lil more in my own portfolio and expectations before I leave. Yes, even though lady boss already knows about my intention in resigning and also spoken to me openly about it, I am still following the plan

Either than work, I think I will miss all my friends. Obviously, lilpixie has been missing in action. Since her departure to Hong Kong till now, and then mine to Indonesia and before I come back ... she will be leaving to Thailand with her boiboi and a bunchies, I will most likely not meet her for the longest time in my INM serving periods.

Anyway, just in case if she reads this - I miss you k! You take care k! and if ever anything happens to me (since JKT is not really famous for their security, peace and serenity) ... I leave my will and belongings for you and my Ta Jie to settle. Hahaha

I am so dead if I come back alive ...

hugs ... miss you'all

ps - dear mum, dad, sis and baby, do take care. God bless my trip and safety ... god bless everyone I love too. Keep all of them safe and all good.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back to basic Step class

I finally joined Step classes. AWESOME. I was taken aback that I still remember the steps. Although I was quite "all over the place" and was reluctant to move more advance. Overall, the adrenaline and excitement was peak. I am very glad the class did me good

Anyway, I actually sold 3 images already since last my first upload! Although not much but it was quite motivating for me to continue snapping more images!

Ok ... here are the images that I sold. Beginners, so mercy in the comments ya!