Monday, July 3, 2006

Jazz, Soul & I am quitting

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Aint he cute! He is so hawt~! Presenting Chris Botti, trumpet blower - I mean, trumpet player that make jazz the hawtest thing alive! I want his look! I want his talent! I want to be a performer of somesort! I want to be trumpet player too ... but I prefer playing the trombone, the extension is really kewl ... hehehe

After Friday's soul night out ... I got home, bum the weekend and decided to quit my job. My Boss treats me like dirt. He sarcastically insult me, constantly reminding me that a guy needs to learn to work fast with woods, told me my pay was lower than my other colleagues, order me like some slave and mock my previous working experiences saying that my previous working experiences are not usefull for his sales demands. I can't believe I actually stayed for 3 weeks. I gave him the benefit of doubt that he might be nice and ethical until some friends told me that he might be cheating me cos there weren't a contract or any paper that I signed (He said it was done informally and such - AND I ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIM - after all I did get paid). Then, he decrease my pay every week by giving stupid and unacceptable reasons like; my sales are not up to standard and only top notch sales person gets that much a pay. Then, why did you told me my pay was that? Moreover, I only work 2-3 days a week and my clients usually pay their furniture the next few days which I was not scheduled to work. Mind I remind you, I am not even part time - I am TEMPORARY CASUAL worker! In addition, who was the one who kept sending me to the workshop to do carpentry work??? How to serve customers like that???

I skipped some details which I told a few friends. No point repeating some old depressing stories! Cant believe I actually let him sarcastically mock me! ERG! Amazing! So I quit. I got so mentally challenged that I think I might actually commit suicide not because of stress from study but from work instead!

Like my dad said "Why do you need to work? Just go get some more relaxing job like selling apples in the market or something! I can still afford you" . I guess I was blinded by the pay and really wanted to help loosen the burdens from my parents. There goes the cash ... along with every insult, mockery, stress, pain and negative stuff ...

I should start writing my script ... hehe ... my 2nd script :P


  1. Trumpet blower?
    Trumpet player?

    But anyway, yeahh, take a break from work, your mom and dad can still handle your expenses.

    Dont worry about helping them with the burden right now, you have an entire lifetime to do that :)


  2. GOOD FOR U!!!
    quit d job....n blow d trumpet away if u wan....they hv a class for it...go for it! but i bet u'll do great at it anyway!

  3. what the...

    i haven't gotten any jobs yet. i've applied to a few already but noone called me up yet. urgh.

    well, good for you to stick it up his arse! lol. i bet you did a great job anyway.

    2nd script? another lldtk? omg...a sequel?! i'll freaking kill you. do something like....visuals. and please...stick with it if you're gonna film it. however, also make sure i'm there when you're doing it. i want to have that rush and andrenaline(sp?) again.

    mwah! i miss you my bitch. things were much simpler and funner when we were together.

  4. only a para for the trumpet blower!!! injustice !?!

    p/s : ooo.. like the word "can still afford you" haha...

  5. Ayoyo,

    sikit sikit aleli cannot tahan.

    Truth is:

    Real world is more brutal.

  6. hmm, quit so san fu...

    o? second script? this time is wat...? stage performance? hehee... looking forwaed for that o~~

    miss ya tt~

  7. ken - trambonist ... :P yeah, mum and dad request ala order me to quit

    eva e - i wonder how much they charged?

    lynn - yeap, it's not as art-y as visuals, but its somewhere between those le. i am VERY sure you will like it - punch of controversial weirdness!. about 12-15min. a short one and it is easier to produce and shoot ... if i want. BTW, wanna edit for me again? :P

    leo - hehe ... tang kiu tang kiu

    alvin - lol you want more is it?

    shine - haha, why not u try working there and tell me about it! I pressume, work is work - but when you ain't not know your pay rate by the end of 3rd week and your boss himself can't assure you giving non-valid reasons - it's time to call the quiter and unlike you, i am not that much a strong person

    vynn - this one is short. so we can shoot! if you want ... wanna be my cameraperson??? train on the skills eh ... i am going to direct it this time! NYEK NYEK NYEK!


    such a great blower.... trumpeter i mean... :p

  9. oppsss, was so captured by botti that i havent seen the essence of the entry then terus post...

    WAY TO GO THERE MUSCLE!!!! fry him the fish!!!

  10. you say leh? of course i wanna edit. and i want to be part of the shoot too.

    but please..promise me you do NOT change the entire freaking script midway shooting. otherwise..i will kick your ass and take over directing! HAH!