Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Job ...

I got myself a part time job. I went for a 5 hour training today (which is also their business hours! - can you believe it???) and cleaned some furnitures, redecorate a living room setup, carried tables, TV consoles, chairs, looked at pictures and catalogues, memorize timber names, colour codes, prices, measurements and of course, attended to numerous customers. First day at work and I officially sold a 318dollar side table - Yahoo wee! It was fairly an easy job. Not much hassle. After the training, Simon (the boss) told me I could officially start work tomorrow.

There was only one problem, I am not quite sure I likey the job.

The pay was good. For a fair 18dollar an hour rate and located not at a very busy/peak area - this furniture shop I will be working at is only 10min cycle away and allows a fair schedule of 3-4 days of not-very-difficult work. But of course, the art of "conversation" in selling was important for the boss. He expect high sales tactics and communication skills. "You gotta keep em in the stall!" and that pretty much freak me out! I ain't no want to be that arse-hole salesperson that follows you around like some hungry desperate hyenas! He is very demanding and his wife is a bitch but his dog is so adorable ...

This might sound ironic for a degree student, but I prefer a brainless job. I wanted this previous job of unloading courrier boxes from a truck for only 26dollar an hour! That was an awesome offer. I get to work my muscles, afford protein drinks and not deal with any customers but only 'dead' boxes! Bad news is; I got rejected 3 times for the job and I can't help but to think that it was my; 176cm + 65kg = Lean Skinny guy, that failed my oppurtunity to get the "muscle-required" job ...

Sigh* I suppose I got to get over it and move on to this furniture job that require a fair brain power and not much muscle-building exercise. Nothing beats a friendly and stress-free environment but this furniture shop has high demands and require a certain degree of brain operations. Come to think of it not many of us have freedom to choose the job we like ...

Conclusion, I am going to work. Will drag myself to work because of the pay ... BUT ... Me still no likey the job


  1. Think positive!

    You can see countless handsome hunks of good taste frequent the shop for furniture. Some might even want you to deliver it to their houses (wink wink).

    Of course, and some not-so-handsome dirty old men.


  2. the target customer of the shop is high-end, that's why u need to operate ur brain during the coversation with customer.

    else u work in petrol station, convenient shop, restaurant, that it would brainless... ;p the pay might not be so high as the furniture store.

    just take it lah... wat to do...

  3. Hmmm u said, 176cm + 65kg = Lean Skinny guy. I am 175cm + 66 kg, I got tummy appearing arrghh...

    i love furniture shops ;-)

  4. i say, u just look fabulous and stay near the door, then make the potential customer follow u around instead ma.... they will be like hyaena lor...

    the new marketing strategy, lure ye customer....... :P

  5. Yes. Lure them in. But when they get a little bit too close, open your peacock feathers. Poof!

  6. oi! $18 an hour??! That's madness! better than here....