Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Merdeka ...

Since that most of my readers are from Malaysia ... Happy Merdeka everyone!

Would love to share my most favourite Merdeka Advert with you guys. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do ...

and also ... this one too :P


  1. Ooh~
    Sweet memories of Merdeka... I used to love those kindda witty ads on Merdeka spirit.
    If only our reality here is as colourful as the ads... Sigh~
    Anyway Happy Merdeka to you even though you're in Melbourne now!

  2. Memories of Merdeka? In reality, do the chinese and indian achieved merdeka?? Racist Malay has discriminate "us" the so called non-bumi for past 49 years even we done so much for malaysia. Thanks to the racist UMNO. Happy Merdeka, Goodbye Malaysia