Thursday, December 29, 2005

3 More Days

I am still sweating! After the whole evening spend at FF Summit for the launching of new releases - LesMills Classes (Hope I spelled the name correctly :P) - I am still sweating. While was having dinner with the gang, I swore I used the entire pack of tissue. Not those small packets but the box-type you find at mamak. Sigh; Dunno is it a bad sign or a good sign ~

Went for my very 1st and complete BodyJam today. Man - there were so many people! The class was like packed! Everyone is crazee of Jam! Kenny was extremely good with the moves! Even Yeaw and ChooiYin was complimenting his groove and moves! I manage to catch some glimpse of others doing jam. Damm they are good. Shouldn't have joined. Must have look like a rotten log trying to dance.....

I did two classes (Should be 3; but BodyBalance was like packed) in a row! Did BodyStep previously. Hate the track where we have to squad. Jenny and this other guy was like my idol for the day! They did 3 FULL classes. This include the all-hell-break-loose and most-strainful BODYATTACK.

As usual, Jenny, Cyin, Yeaw, Brian, Jeremy and Anthony was there! Klevin and William was there too today. So fun to see a whole bunch of people I know dancing away pretending we are some goddess divas! HAHAHA. Azyei was there too! Leo's voice could be heard like miles away! Farah, Tina and some other people I know but I forgot their names :P *OoOOpss was around. It was very fun working out together!

I wonder would FF in Melbourne be accessible to me ... for at least a few months! Man; I need weights and BodyBalance!


  1. I secretly hope you would fall in love with jam so we could do together-gether, but I think your dance skills are much more keng chau until jam is like boring to you.

    If I go cardio dance, I sure kang kang like hell ok!


  2. andrew... u in bjam? tell la earlier.. i buy 4-ekor!

  3. ken : me keng chau? oh pls ... i bet i look like some tree branch or maybe a pine tree trying to "pump" and "hop" ... n cardio dance is not that "hiao" ok! lol

    aysh : that's why i might not want to join the OZ gym ...

    alvin_kyen : yeah! lemme tell you d number ya ... its 3838!

  4. Haha :P

    The most important thing is that you have fun in the class, right? :)