Friday, December 30, 2005

2 More Days

Ah .... I am so full. Thanks Will for the wonderful treat at TGI Fridays! Man ... I miss the Brownies already! But I am too full to consume anything at the moment. Even normal H20 makes me feel nausea ...

Went for shopping today at KLCC! Bought like 5 Undis ... Hahaha ... Don't know why am I blogging about this! Anyway - Do you know it is so hard to find "proper" yet "nice" undis nowadays! I can't afford to pay RM80/RM70 for just ONE CK undi; so I have to subject myself to other brands!

I learned that Bods Undis (which I love) only last max 6-8months. Then, you get saggy-loose rubber that doesn't help in "supporting" or "maintaining" position. Trust me! If you go for advance BodyStep moving up and down, you might as well not wear anything under the gym shorts at all!

Back to topic. Shopping for Undis was like HELL! Can you actually believe the color cordination they have? Renoma in particular has this 2 nice Undi Tanga with LimeGreen and ShockingOrange! WHAT THE FCUK? The designers gone crazy is it??? or is it that girls like their boyfriends wearing WEIRD UGLY colors! YUCK*

Then there are the typical 2nd hand looking and "not very tasty" designs. Sigh ... Some brands actually got the guts to have fish-nets undis, see-through undis, materials that makes you itch (YEAH! so can you imagine wearing it???) and some "damm-uncle" design. Gawd*

I know no body else sees it ... but I am SO NOT going to subject myself to wear one of those ugly thing, which I even think an Ogre or Troll will rather wear women panties than those "things" !

I am not complaining but I think guys in Malaysia deserve better looking Undis. Afterall, Xixili, La Senza, Women Secret, Blush, Triumph and whatever the girls are having, are indeed ranking among international standards or at least basic lookable undergarments. While our "guys" underwears are worst than those clothes one can patch up by picking up bits and pieces of clothers from the streets...

Is there any Male Underwear Union or Fashion Underwears Association I can complain to?


  1. Hmms, I thought Renoma was pretty good and affordable for guys. As for girls, the price is insane man! Only one set bra and undi, already aournd 150 bucks.
    Ahah, suddenly I realized I'm discussing underwear with Andrew.

  2. vini : Renoma is affordable but their color combination is like way out! U girls got more clothes and padding ma! haha thats y expensive!

    Alvin : not a fan of TopMan le. You know me le ...