Saturday, October 2, 2010

Plan ... Oct Revelation

Schedules schedules!

Most of us yuppies tend to have this. We either write it on a notepad, invest in a leather organizer, create a new excel sheet, download some iphone applications or PC software to facilitate this demand or some with photographic memory just uses their brain.

With mine saying that I have about 20minutes break time, it was either blogging or going through the long list of friends, messages and hearts at Fridae. I chose the first.

Today, I woke up earlier than usual just to prepare myself for a facial appointment. I had this huge, filled with yellow contamination zit just above my left cheek bone and it's getting obstructive with my vision. All right, irritating would be the right word but no I am no exaggerating. Have you ever felt some bumps just below your focal point, like some blur figure and when you move your hands/fingers towards it ... its actually an acne? Yeap, that's what I meant!

And with my emotional roller coaster ride just a few hours back, a facial would help ... at least on the surface. Literally and practically speaking

Anyway, so there I was lying down with my eyes close thinking that it would cost me again for this overdue facial service and next thing you know, 1 hour 15 minutes flew passed. I slept through the massage, pimple popping ...

This got me thinking. Planning is actually healthy to achieve what you want to achieve. But planning is actually bad for lifestyle. Why? Cos you tend to prioritize all the importance of life first. For example, it always start with work, commitment, family, friends and then the lifestyles ... The missing link is : you.

I realize this when I was having a great warm sensation of post-neck-massage that the last time I treated myself to something great - solely for my own body and soul ... was perhaps a year ago. Then I thought that it is absolutely ridiculous that I spend 5 days a week at work and 1 day at Uni for MBA and the last day not doing things for myself.

For once, I have a plan and objective in my life. I think the last was also about a year ago! Damn I am slow

Thus, from October onwards - a new revelation has dawn upon me
  1. I must be meticulous on my spending and financial - smartly recorded and spent
  2. I must balance life between work and play - frequently
  3. I must say no to things, people and desires that are conflictual with my objective
and most importantly

I must use my Sunday wisely for what my body and mind desire ...

OK, 2o minutes up! Time to conform myself to the scrutiny of MBA readers and scheduled lifestyle. Can't wait for it to end next year August

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