Thursday, September 30, 2010

Any stronger dosage of pain killer?

As I wait for time to fly pass, I realize I have been tossing in bed with a wondering mind for the past hour. Although it felt like a millennium years ... I couldn't help but feel like talking to someone. I think it is the little voice in me crying to be heard but as usual at this ungodly hour, it would be most inappropriate to call anyone. You might as well just give'em a heart attack and probably get banned for life for calling.

And so here I am, hoping that talking into the electronic air - via my blog - would be the best alternative I have for now. It is actually not that bad, since I am not exactly writing a professional review or business report. Considering that I write the way I speak, hopefully to exude the way I feel or think properly, "talking" to cyber space is not such a bad idea for instant company and expressions.

These past few days have been nothing but one word : tiresome. In all aspect, emotional, work and life. Got me thinking about future, plans, objectives and dreams. With thoughts wonder afar every night before I sleep and also a suspected bad mattress, I wake up feeling dizzy and lazy the next morning. At good times, its just overnight fatigue. At bad times, painful neck all day or worse, lingering nausea feeling. With added work stress and not to mentioned the roller coaster ride then after, life couldn't be more "lovely" and perhaps is the answer to why I lost weight.

I think I yap too much. Meaningless post again to end the last day of the month. Amazing I would say. The year swing by so quickly and now we are at the last of the quarter for year 2010 and again I question my achievements so far. I shall stop my ramblings because I feel so restless right now and probably can blog a novel. I think I am just full with complains.

or I could be just plain ol overtly tired after a day trip of work - driving, walking and talking, a night of pillow talks which dragged my inflamed throat across grills and pizzas. Even Manuka honey can't save my soul now ...


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