Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Monday Night out

Was with MK around the corner hanging out again. That sweet lil boy read my blog and also brought me to this place that serves delicious, affordable gelato called:

Patisfrance which is located in Taipan is a bakery-gelato stall-cafe style restaurant located just next to Maybank. To be exact, it is directly opposite Old Town Signature. The family place is rated superbly clean with recognition from MPSJ as well, earning 3 stars for their ratings ... whatever that meant.

Anyway, the gelato cost around RM5.90 for two scoops which taste really cool. But the best thinge to have there is actually pastries! There are tons and tons of em! Which is why I bought like 4 apple filled doughnuts, double choc chiffon cake, black sesame cake and green tea raisins bun. YUMMY!

Then as soon as we were about to leave, MK and I bumped into Gogo and Keke. The duo who I have not seen for ages! So we decided to walked across the street, head to Old Town Signature and chat. Our chat session soon went on to become one of the most dramatic night ever with the agenda of discussion - politics

After numerous complains, grunts about the new STUPID WHITE ELEPHANT 100 MENARA thinge, discomfort on the fact that the government is driving Msia into bankruptcy and how our governors are just monkeys without brains ... we all went home with a sore-heart that our government is pathetically ignorant about the people's real need and wants, despise the rich they already own like raw materials, agriculture, talents and brain ... along with many achievements!

and yet ... they choose the latter. If only they know that manipulation of the benefit and advantage of the country to get more money is more acceptable in the people's eye. Well ... I guess they would never know ... or care

Since I am one of the people and next generation to actually live in Malaysia, I will do my best in the next election. I am sure with tons of proof and government cases ... my decisions are easy

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