Monday, October 4, 2010

Couple @ KLIA

I was walking jadedly at KLIA today since Eagle and I had time to kill. Of course, temptation was everywhere ... Japanese carrying luxury items, boutiques mannequins waving at you trying to temp you at new arrivals and with my Korea trip approaching nearer by the day - my firewalls are being tested again to resist shopping for things I absolutely do not need.

One thing that caught my attention earlier today is a lovely straight couple who was at Burberry. She was wearing a blue Burberry polo tee, carrying at Gucci bag and some kind of branded scarf. He was in Ralph Lauren polo tee carrying a Burberry waist pouch which I always wanted and the Lacoste loafers which drool over from Bangkok to Malaysia and occasionally at Singapore. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to review or describe their fashion sense as both of the individual carry the brands pretty well. Articulate with style!

It was the chemistry between them that sparkle my interest to blog about the encounter. Their emotions and support for each other was not only visually vivid but sincere. The way she ask him questions, the way he answer back. The way he post his queries, the way she assist back. It was not pretentious and definitely fill with humble approach and stand. A very rare scene with the equation of people and luxury. It was like a normal down=to=earth couple just enjoying each other's company and being to afford luxury was a huge bonus in life.
Am I aiming for this?

I would say yes. Not to be shallow or something, but I guess the best way to enjoy the best things life is with the best people or company. My perspective of course

Anyway, I am so tired right now. Due to the fact that I am hard headed to save money - I took at 25min walk back to hotel. Deadly!

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