Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Courage ... my terms

I really admire people with courage.

People who are brave enough to make the first move to impress and decide their own fate. This is usually equated to the case of love. From making the first move, invitation to dinner to making the first big step in life, proposal or engagement, its a deep depth of achievement many would not be able to comprehend, nevertheless to execute. The courage that lies in love is usually blinded by ego and principles. That of I shouldn't over "pamper" my lover, the fear of rejection and definitely the all time famous; mind games. Whether it is pure joy torture or afraid to look weak - it's a choice of the individual. Thus, people who are pure idiots for romance, love and passion are usually the people we laugh at in life, movies and often portray a "magical" feeling. Is it a bad thing? I personally do not think so. People with courage in love are always look up to in reality. Tell me, do you envy couples walking down the aisle and bluntly cheesy with each other? No?

People who are taking risk. Often entrepreneurs and successful business stories will tell you this. They will go the distant, not fearing of challenges, falls, criticism, stress and what I deemed most important, the bravery of leaving one's comfort zone. After running my own business for a bit, and putting it on the background, I realize I lack in this courageous sense to start it all over again. Of course, many would dive into the opportunities once the time is right, but the secret of really continuing a successful business is to have the courage of constantly changing with it. To leave your comfort zone and do something different would be a great start

People who think courage is simply. The one who has guts to chase after what they really want are most admirable. These would be dreams. Let it be financial success, stability in life or even to the silliest, fairy tale ending. Sometimes the process may seem a bit desperate, silly and frown upon but nevertheless credit given where it is due, people who are willing to take bigger steps are commendable. They are also the people who dare face their weakness, rejection and move on with greater wisdom. Often this simply feeling is suppressed due to expectations and how others view the taboo spirit that lies in simplicity - just courage. As usual, humans like to make things complicated. So when one is overtly expressive or just plain chasing after what he or she want, here comes one other person shooting that idea down, pinning it with a string of reasons, ideologies and aesthetic reasons that is probably redundant to even mention.

Last but not least, people who transcend bravery to courageously crazy. Take bungee jumping for example. From an extreme sport to free falling and cheating death ... That's my definition of courageously crazy. People who would wink at you at the bar, come by and land a passionate kiss on your lips and when he is done, smile back and walk away ... you are still dazzled over what happened. The main traits are, actions are so quick ... it blinds reality and awesomely at certain point make Hollywood scenes look really shallow. Good one word of summary : Exhilarating. Bad one word of summary : idiot - the case of Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift. I always wonder, where do people get this kinda courageously crazy ideas. The lack of it would definitely kill innovations and innovators, the people themselves.

So am I courageous?

You tell me ...

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