Sunday, October 31, 2010

My most first month

October is ending. Before I start my post - Happy Halloween to all my readers! May your dress up this year spook more luck for the coming year. Haha, typical chinese wish.

Anyway, I have to say that October has been a lot of "first" for me;
1. It is the first time I am paying utilities bills (mostly transfered to my name) like Unifi, Phone, Mobile and so forth
2. It is also the first time I manage to save the exact money I set as my target
3. Indirectly, it becomes the first time ever I never really buy or shop anything for myself
4. It is the first time I allow, accept and expose my vulnerability to an outsider
5. It is the month of many emotional turmoils, SUDDEN up and downs - and first time I handle them quite well
6. It is the first time I fell sick consequently on 2 mondays in a row ... Not coincidence ok!
7. It is the first time I play dirty at politics at work
8. Definitely my first month I force myself to gym frequently
9. First time I bought my sister something really expensive
10. First time I tried a new DSLR camera technology and fell in love with it
11. First time I got bunked out of a confirmed commercial due to acting
12. First time my MBA group got so much of interaction, feedback, applause and laughters from audience
13. First time I felt like I was a fallen Superman
14. First time I did free-style swimming successfully for a rep in the pool!
15. The month I kindly rejected 2 dates
16. The first time I only ate 3 plates of food for buffet
17. The first time I put on 2 kg in just 3 weeks
18. First time I wore my dad's shoe ... why? Look at the pic below!
19. First time ever I am changing my 14years old bed (my current bed lived with me since I was 6!)
20. The first time I realise there are so many first time for a particular month!!!

Sadly, it would have been my also first Halloween celebration but due to work, study and arrangements to oblige, I guess there is always next year. November, here I come!

MY DAD HAS A DAMN NICE PUMA SHOE!!! He bought himself one summore... I cannot accept lo! Anyway, I wore it out for dinner already. Haha

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