Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remembering my Magnum, Mcflurry and Haagen Daaz surprise

I have to work tomorrow. I have to work on a weekend. I have to work on Sunday, my only weekend of the week since I have classes on Saturday. Life sucks big time!

But I am quite simple and easy to be happy. Some people just don't understand that sometimes ... all I need is just action. Just the act of it sweeps me off my feet ... or make me a lil boy ... just like when I was stressed up in Spore ... like this

Lil boy buying ice-cream

Lil Boy custom make ice cream

Lil Boy pick the best dressings

Lil Boy paid hefty price for happiness

How come I always have to make myself feel good ... where is the other person that was suppose to do it at my most down and vulnerable time? Fuck the manual book for giving people expectations and hope. Fuck it all!

Lemongrassboy is just bitter now ...

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