Friday, October 8, 2010

And so I am

The funny thing about first time meeting acquittance is that you are always very excited to see how friendship can grow out from introductions and sharing latest news. In the past, I had my bad encounters and equally very good ones too. The bad probably gets vaporized through time but the good ones, grows into great companionship that I will treasure.

My lately encounter with this particular pragmatic person was an eye opener as well as quite a heart ache. Although it was not that bad, a particular sensitive conversation that was brought onto the dinner table threw me off guard.

I was intentionally informed that I am sissified. A simply way of saying that I am sissy. Basically he questioned that I was not animated because I apparently am more dramatic and "rich" in my facial expression and body language. I know I have my "kung fu" moments, rolling eyes and so ... and that is because I was bred in art.

It's not that I feel bitter about it, but I am thinking that probably my demeanor was more accepted when I was younger and when you enter the workforce - such "richness" should be suppressed? An expectations or judgemental trait that I absolutely despised. So being a pragmatic zombie is more qualified to be "straighacting"?

I can't help but feel very insulted. I think to define and tag a person with that word is quite rude, impolite and seriously lack of vocabs, which reflects a person being judgmental, unemphatic and seriously in for a tight bitch slap. Although I absolutely hate it when people call me by names, I may let it pass if it is from a dear friend who had gone through damn fucking a lot with me. So, coming from others, I tend to be very obscenely silent. When I am silent, bad-negative thing is happening.

Perhaps being in a almost 7 years relationship had made me comfortable in my skin. So I guess that's what will happen if you are thrown out into the world. The encounter of course ended with "call me ya, we should go for more drinks!" and a reluctant smile was returned. Dramatically infused, richly faked.

A fact I have to accept, I probably will ignore his future invitations and flush out our encounter, no future for friendship to grow. But one things for sure will stay, his remarks.

On the opposite note, I really had lotsa fun eating at this place:

Dessert therapy ... hehe ... @ Iluma

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