Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My poetic Tuesday

And so it begin, sleeping at the other side was a relief
Impossible it may seems, the three letter word lingers in my mind
It was a long time, quite sometime it has been
Said with sincerity, virtue of promises
And so it was warned, I dreamt that dream

Awaken with the grey sky, looking through my sleepy eyes
A figure move abouts, is that what I seek to every morning?
I fell asleep again, hoping it was falsity I am living
Bath and neck beckons the wishful thoughts

My mind was blank as the road were clear
I entered work later but made the best of it
Absent minded, I lost track of time
Absent minded, a planned activity was canceled
Ignorance hits
Slacking through the plains at work

The mood swings are more apparent
With ugly paintings, you expected applause?
I cynically insult, begging to differ
Frightening and fragile, vulnerable to fouls
I think about the sweetest escape
An intrusion of past and present
I ask, where thy's future then?

Sun dawn,
Lurking from roads, avoiding crawl
I should have taken the straight road back
Why do I reminisce yesterday's journey
The tree and roads that was lost in years,
Revisited but missing and had returned
Was it a sign? Was it a warning? Was is just coincident?

A broken heart controlled disruptions
Unfair to hurt those who are innocent
I continue to sink into a corner
Better? Yes thank you
The night flew quickly with drawings and pictures piecing together
Ended with tea, inspiring supper

And so I asked, was it a good day?
And so I answered, too many perspectives ... too little answers

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