Friday, October 29, 2010

Day of inconvenience

And so the title says a lot. Found out many hidden agenda and how insufficient, unprofessional and stupidly-daring some people can be but I cannot say much because duely, it is still work. I guess different people work differently.

To add on, I feel like Superman. It's damn a tiring job when you have no sidekick, super human powers and the recognition a hero deserves. To make things more complicated, I read a tweet which follows the line "if you are the smartest in the group, time to change the group". Somehow, this is quite sad to hear ... definitely brought my mood down. So, busy and tired has become my common reply for how do you do nowadays.

Guess life moves on anyway ~

Well the highlight of today's post would be Sister's birthday dinner celebration earlier. Bought her a new purse and hopefully she likes it better than me but I am sure she will, after all ... it is branded, expensive and genuine! I hope she will now dump her fake LV purse into the dustbin! Haha

and so we were crazy over the sate lilit @ Ole Ole Bali!

We ordered all different dishes and shared it out. Mum's idea and since she was treating - we ordered away!

and of course ...

I got myself a gift too! Haha ... Konon la ... adik burfday dapat gift ... I pun mahu! I kan spoiled!

Murah kan! Always wanted to watch the DVD ... and now ... Boleh!

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