Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rambling again about me

I do not know why I am blogging in class when I should be concentrating to the lecture. These days, my concentration and learning curve has been dropping. I believe that I am finally growing old.

That said, I do not know why I put on weight these days but still look awfully thin. I double my intake of food at most time and tries a balance diet. I really do envy people who are born with great proportioned body. At times, when I break myself in gym ... I really do wonder how certain members can gain weight or muscle much faster than I do.

It's been close to 6 years for me to be in gym and I have done personal training, vigorous exercise and correction training. Accompanied by strangers who turned friends, gym mates and professional trainers, the only perk I gotten was actually increasing my body mass with 4kg from my 65kg weight. It was the best time when no one said I look thin

Nowadays, even with focus exercises and maintaining my gym routine ... I still get comments that I look thin, I look skinny and similar commentary. Am I doing the wrong thing? I really hope I do not have to subject myself to saving a little more for steroids or muscle enlargement.

Notice how thin I look? Notice how small my arm and shoulder look ... *sob sob*

Sigh, perhaps its time for me to get some TLC. Maybe I will put on weight after I get into a relationship...

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