Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Traffic SUCKS!

After an hour of jam around Capsquare, Jalan Raja Laut to be exact (should rename to Jalan Raja Sesak = the King of Jam road), diverting from one place to another ... I finally manage to release my pee in the most appropriate way at a public toilet and now gladly, having coffee with Caffeine SunBear at Weld Starbucks. It is quite nice to just hang out, eat lightly after the rain and talk away while admiring the patience of drivers who sits in their car ... I am assuming that they are heading home.

Gosh... It's almost 8! One main reason why I refuse to work in the city ... People here has no life! Sorry Caffeine SunBear ...

What do you people do in the jam? Especially one that is long, boring and crawls from bumper to bumper?

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