Thursday, March 25, 2010

Singapore in March 2010

This song is playing in my head. Damn, I love her music

I had an awesome time today. I have to admit that I do like Singapore at times, especially going around, exploring and empty chatting with my partner in crime. Although my opinion still stands firmly (kindly see previous post : click here), which Mr. Partner in crime has agree ... we both still have our own tiny happy spaces in Singapore.

For one, I had the best Japanese Ramen and Char-siew Rice! EVER! Originated from Sapporo - packed with Japenese during lunch time, this tiny-cute-cossy lil restaurant is located at North Canal road, just walking distance away from Raffle Place MRT called Baikohken ... Trust me, the food is authentic and very delicious!

$14 - large portion of Syou Yu - butter & corn Ramen

$4.50 - one bowl of the Cha Siew Don ...

After lunch, we went straight to work ... at shopping mall searching for materials for our retails. Shopping mall doesn't really help me save. I did some shopping and got one of my wish lish item slashed. Yeap, a new leather wallet from Picard. A German brand wallet highly recommended by Mr. partner in crime himself. I got quite a good deal with a 20% discount, the wallet is not superbly expensive but looks not too bad.

My Picard wallet, which looks better in real

Either way, one less item to get! Yahoo WEE! Now, let me go slashed the item off the list ...

I met Francis for dinner too. He treated me to a nice dinner at Orchard Central ... It's an expensive restaurant serving shark fin soup as appetizer, then main course was abalone, finishing dessert with bird nest. The dishes may be only around $50 per person and may not be those high quality ones, but I feel so bad that he is treating. He refused my part of the share, naming Edward and Jimmy's courtesy whenever he is in KL ... now I feel triple the worse. But he told me to just relax and enjoy the meal.

I did ... with the promise to get him a great dinner back in KL when he visits. So here I am blogging about it.

Still thinking about my twitter account ... what la to put ?

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