Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Twit Twit

Help and Suggest!

I have finally decided to have an account for twitter. I like that name, Twit. But anyway, most of my most commonly used name have been taken; andrewk, andrewkoh, andrewkin ... Andrewkin is some cute looking guy in LA! Sigh* How come I never get that kinda luck in account names

The only account name left is something I don't really like, my work email add : andrewkohkt. Which I find very China man. With the recent happenings at the Hot Air Balloon event, I really do not want to subject myself to any elements of being "too Chinaman" ... bad thing, ya?

Why Twit? Well ... It gives my friend a quick "twit" (does that word even exist???) about me and my where abouts, my feelings, my updates in blog ... whatever la! My bro in crime told me that it's more an european and US thinge. Not very Asian ... FB better for Asian ... HMM ... *eyes glowing* itulah i! Perasan dari negara lain! Haha

Anyone has any idea of what kinda account name I should give my Twit?

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