Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Traits of being a boss

It is inevitable that bosses provide unnecessary stress and pressure to generate productivity.

Is is also inevitable that bosses tend to repeat their orders, simultaneously asserting command and his idea, while not fully executing the project thus leading to overload of work or piling up of unfinished work.

It is also inevitable that bosses are visionary, unpredictable and at times unrealistic causing unnecessary waste of resources in time and manpower.

At times, bosses who are unprofessional inevitably causes demoralisation, demotivation and damages to the entire work systems. I am lucky the last trait is non existing in my work place.

In that case, it becomes inevitable that work is stressful.

I am starting to believe that whatever you learn in MBA only applies when you can pull the strings without your boss providing unnecessary stress and pressure. Wait, that means you can only either;

1. Be the boss yourself

2. Work in a corporate environment with a seasoned yet flexible work system

Hmm ...

*pulls hair*

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