Friday, April 2, 2010

Write it down!

After a whole lots of meeting, minutes, follow-up work and orders from boss, mr. partner in crime asked about me. He notice I was not myself, bit quiet and reserve for the past week. Also, after being pestered by Ms Green Cum, Mr Partner in crime had to ask about me.

My first reaction was;

ME : My productivity in work dropped?
Mr PIC : No la! You are doing well ... just that Ms GC is worried about you. Is everything ok?
ME : Just personal issues? I hope it didn't get into work
Mr PIC : No, but you do look a bit down. Your personal issue not resolved yet?
ME : Nope
Mr PIC : You want to take leave to settle it?
ME : Nah ... working is good
Mr PIC : Why don't you do something to cheer yourself up?
ME : I am ok wo!
Mr PIC : Ms GC say you should write 25 things about yourself. Anything! But it must be positive one, with a brief description!
ME : For what?
Mr PIC : Just do la! Try and feel better ok! Cos next week ... when Mr Principal and Mrs Principal is here, you are going to get a tough cookie handling them. Ms GC needs you to be on your best!
ME : Ok...
Mr PIC : Oi! Write the 25 things a! I will ask Ms GC to check on you later!

HMM... 25 things! Macam Banyak la ... should I do it? Sound like a tag more than something motivational. Well, since I have nothing biggie to follow through ... I will post about it later after I get my brain wave moving.

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