Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Balloon then Singapore

Its been a tough week,
This would be the second event I closed in my current company after working there for 4 months. Although I have my bad times, missed opportunities and unachievable milestone ... I had some really good time running events again.

The rush hours, the last minute things, the buys and don'ts, the brain damage over stress, heat and cost-expenditure figures. I actually traveled back and forth, Subang-Puchong-Putrajaya-Puchong-Subang-Kelana-Subang-Putrajaya-Puchong and back to Kelana today. My mileage clocked in at 90 and deng, all in event-management man! I am not even running the show, but just one part of it! Apparently and surprisingly, I am enjoying it! Not that I want a job from that field of work, but doing it as a sideline profile in my job is ok ...

Anyway, let me promote the event abit ... afterall, I do have a corporate tent set up there selling my company's merchandises. Do visit the photography booth and BUY SOMETHING! Haha... By the way, it is not from me ... it is from my company. Just so you guys know ...

Name? Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010.I was surprise that many people, friends and relative know about it! Most of them went for the first one too. This would be the second anyway and damn, I heard the photography is fun! Guess I am going to miss that for another year. BURGH! The event runs from tomorrow till Sunday. Daily 8am-9pm. Food, performance, rides, photography contest, bazaar is available within walking distant from one area to another. For more information, you can click at this link

Hmm... I am so beated. My legs ache and my shoulder is screaming for a massage. My eyes are half closed but yet my brain is still analyzing the operation flow for tomorrow's event, the agenda, todo list ... it is like never ending!

I wish someone would understand how tired it gets ... Now it make sense why I am not in events! Going to head to bed soon ... and hopefully a great nite rest

It will be a tough week ahead too ... Singapore, setting up a new photo opportunity at Segway Hub attraction in Sentosa! Yahoo wee... I like my portfolio now

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