Friday, March 12, 2010

Sale? SO SOON?!?!?!?

Had lunch at KLCC today. A few minutes before lunch time, I spent 15 minutes window shopping at one of my all-time favourite anchor, ISETAN.

They are having a great sale. I am so dead today /// Go! Those who are Isetan members benefit some great deals. Just a brief of what I saw

Emporio Armani watches are on 25% discount
G2000 shirts are on 50% discount
CK shirts ranges from 20-40% discount
Raoul attires are on 40% discount
Padini and Seed, the usuals - 20% on normal merchandises and 50% on products

With 100RM purchase, you get about 2 hours free parking from KLCC. Which is a huge savings as well because their parking are known to have killer rates!!!

I am so ready to shop later tonight after work. Buahaha!

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