Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aaron turns down the car's radio volume and started order his subordinate to redecorate the jungle theme area and ask the contractor to contact him. Aaron is a ruthless, arrogant and professional landscape curator. An incoming call could be heard and he switched his attention to the call on hold. It was his mum, with hesitation he apologies for his last-minute cancelation and continue to listen

Yellow! You got to change the trees, the bushes are worse than those next to the roads ... Look, even a kid with lego can come up with something MORE CREATIVE than it. The project is worth a million, the least we could do is delivery a quarter of its value... Get the contractor, I will rewrite the attraction ... The pigs won't even notice the bit of change ... Got an incoming call, call me later

Mum... Yeah ... Yeah ... I am sorry, I got a last minute ... yea, I know it is your appointment with the doctor but I've told sis to ... WHAT? SHE CANCELED ON YOU TOO? That spoiled brad ...

Aaron (nodding with agreement)
No, I ... sigh*

He got down from the car, locked the door and the phone rang again. Aaron looked at the caller id, smiled and answer with excitement

How is my baby doing? Sure ... Go ahead ... Hey look ... I did not do it on purpose and No I do not prioritize my work over family and you. Selfish? I've got a job to do and it is not a darn easy job to curate and create an attraction for visitors... NO! I am not doing it for fame ... My job is to visualise and tell a story, make it comes alive ... Can't you just freaking ...

A car appeared from no where and knocked Aaron down. Aaron faces the sky, semi-unconscious but still able to listen to a background sound of a lady, apologising frantically

Lady (fadding sound effect)
I am so sorry, you just dash out and I was not looking ... can you hear me? hello! Shite ... no no ... Hello, Kecemasan! ...

Aaron closed his eyes entirely.

A tap running sound could be heard. Aaron is in a bathtub, fully submerge in the water and flashes of visuals could be seen; point of view of the water surface, jigsaw puzzles, him holding his gf hand, him working, studying and a picture of his family back to the pov of the water. His mind wandered with narration

Aaron (narration)
Think, think think ... how do you create that atmosphere. How do you turn a fantasy to reality

Suddenly, he could hear a baby crying, dashes out of the bath tub and went into the bedroom to find nothing. He sat on the bed, worried about his condition and quickly swallowed the red pill laying on the side of the bed. He is on medication for his anxiety attack. It is getting serious. Siren of the ambulance could be heard, he approaches the window, looked out and


Scene switches to him and his wife arguing.

Accident was to married you! What was I even thinking!


How dare you!

Sarah slapped Aaron hard on the face and turned to leave but Aaron quickly grabbed her, hugging her from the back and beg her not to leave.

Sarah (struggle and tearing)
Let me go!

No ... No ... I am sorry, don't leave me ...

Sarah (crying)
I can't do this anymore ...

Aaron (started to cry)
I just lost mum, almost lost myself ... I really ... I really cannot lose you ... not you ... please ... I need you, please ... I love you.

Sarah (crying and begin to show sign of relief)
You are hurting me ...

Sarah dropped to the floor crying, Aaron chin resting on Sarah's shoulder with tears flowing down ...

Aaron (fadely)
Sorry baby ... sorry ...

Aaron (narration)
And yet she left the next morning. Only to come back in ...

Party scene. There were empty booze. Everyone was having a great time. The music is spinning, crackers were scattered and everyone was losing control in the home party. Music blazing through the space, Aaron's vision begins to blur (flashes of visuals; drugs, booze, girls, seeking and a horny moan could be heard), Aaron smiles. In between the lights, crowd grooving to the music and dance floor, he sees Sarah with another man. He rubbed his eyes, blinked and the visual was gone. He smiles and try to get Sarah out of his head. The girl dancing in front of Aaron begins a tease strip. Aaron feels a surge of heat and scenes cut to wild sex in the bedroom. But the girl isn't the same girl. The bedroom scene has multiple people in the bed and outside. Aaron is the center of attention.

What are you all doing?

Girls just smile and held him down. A silhouette lady, resembling Sarah signal a guest into the room. A guy approached, smiling and Aaron seem shocked. He resisted the holdown but as soon as he caress his body, running his sensual touch down Aaron's torso - things took a different turn. Aaron's mouth gag prevented him from speaking but through his body language and the girls side action, Aaron seem to look more relaxed and adventurous now. It was a homosexual act of rape.

Guy Rapist (smiling as he watched Aaron's enjoyment)
The beauty of drugs, alcohol and babes.

The guy extended his intentions and flipped Aaron around. With his stomach attached to the bed, Aaron felt something forcefully entered his back, doggy style. He yelled and struggled to remain conscious between the pain and agony. He dropped his head and a sweat fell through his cheek. The pumping continues

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