Monday, March 29, 2010

Kelly's on the background

It feels weird waking up today. Somehow, something I hope that might happened just will not happen. Either way, it would be a tiring day. Looking at the schedule at work, another event is just a few hours away. With the thought of my messy room and unable to escape it this time around tonight, I will have to so clean my mess before jumping into bed. Not to mention the toss and turn that may happened. Haiks with a loud sigh!

For once in many days, the day looks like night. In usual days around this time, the weather would have been unforgivable with scorching temperatures but as I sit by the lake side, the breeze and moody temperament gave a sign of relief and support. An encouragement seem to brew, to continue with work. It is like ... something special is about to happen? No?

Ok, back to work ...

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