Monday, March 1, 2010

Hate day?

Why is the weather so hot? Why aren't the clouds and tress doing their job? Then why all the sudden heavy rain before night? Why? WHY? WHY!!!!

I hate the Malaysia weather. I hate how hot it gets and how it steams up the car. I hate everything about the sun, how it glows and strike its piercing ray onto our skin, burning it, making it sweat and sticky. I hate how some people still maintain cool and look good under the soon while I drenched in my own sweat ...

I hate getting stuck in a traffic crawl, I definitely hate stupid drivers and selfish ones too. I hate that sometimes I get irritated by them and hate myself for sometimes being like them.

I also hate how my company is always paying our salary late. Yeah yea, I should be thankful that they are still paying but I hate how I react everytime the pay roll delayed. I hate when my KPIs at work that are always pending and I also hate the fact that I am consuming carbs during lunch period and hate that if i don't i will grow hungry before clocking out. I also hate the lady who comes order drink today ... I hate her look, her attitude and hate the way she return change when I pay for my drink

I hate the kids running around roads. I hate the education system who failed to teach them the awareness and danger of running around roads, and highway. I hate that their parents failed miserably to instill that in their mind. I also hate the fact that I have to emergency break when some of them think it is a football field around roads... I hate the law who forbids running down pedestrians... I also hate that I am so logical and conscious on moral at times

I hate my tummy jutting out like a lil hill. I hate my small arms and with those reasons, I headed to gym today. I hate strangers who cruise me with that "cheap" smile and stare. I hate when people tend to lift heavier weights and have the same body size that I do. I hate the reflection shown from the gym mirrors. I hate gym buddies who aren't really buddies. I hate that no matter how much I exercise, people still say I look thin. I hate the fact that I really look ugly when I pay handsomely for PT and gym membership

I hate it when certain guys get great hair do and I don't and I hate it when mine just wouldn't look good. I hate my unclean, uneven and messy stubble. I hate it when my legs failed me in gym. I hate the god damn management team who refuses to act on my PT leftovers. I hate it when I am so calculative over small matters

I hate my car... I hate it so much but I still cleaned and polished it before the day ends. I also do no know why I hate so much today ... Time to unwind

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