Saturday, January 23, 2010

The negative part of my stay

My 6 days business-trip in Singapore has officially come to an end. I am now at the budget terminal, awaiting for my boarding time (about 50min away) and yeap, it is so cool to be able to online anywhere you want. In Singapore, that is the privilige one gets - connectivity at your finger tips, even at times in the moving MRT.

It's not like my first time in Spore, but after staying here for a short period, following the locals crowding the MRT, malls, eatery, shops, toilets, having meals the Singaporean way and basically living their lifestyle, I am glad to have a great home back in Malaysia. I guess I am just not used to the monotonous life and robotic-generic culture the locals have here. It seems that everyone is just busy with their own thing and life. Day in, Day out - its the same ol thing.

Every non-locals who live in Singapore apparently will prioritize and favour the strong currency value in comparison to the real living values. Even their post-war heritage are mere preserved for tourist and money making business, the learning point and curve somehow is missing. Even normal human values are marginalized. Long gone the smile, courtesy and basic human attentiveness, politeness and service.

Why? I fell off the pathway, falling on my back. The lady next to me did not even ask if I were all right but merely looked at me with the expression "oh lord! you fell? now get up and resume your life". Hmm .... In a country like Singapore, I least expect that. Local friends and relative told me it is usual, normal and I should get use to that. DOUBLE HMMM ...

Not to even mentioned how friends here treat each other. It is absolutely normal for friends here to use each other as emotional garbage bin, It is absolutely normal to manipulate friends and expect that to be of normal traits, It is absolutely normal to expect your friends to do more than usual for you and when it is your turn, you can be excused, It is absolutely normal to want something out of the world and get it your way. Of course, my Sing friends related it to me from their experience ...

Something different compared to Melb, which has Modernity up their development scales too! Man, I still miss Victoria a lot.

Back to the land where I drank canned green tea every meal and where little wok, pork dishes rules in food court ... I can't wait to come back again, but only mostly for work. It is a blessing, a great one that I found a job that allows me to travel here frequently but not permanently based here. My initial idea of wanting to stay in Singapore has been diluted after experiencing their lifestyle and culture here in a short period. I prefer the current arrangement; which is also good because I would not get "sucked" into Singaporean way of living.

I know it is bias to judge in such a short period of time stay, but this is my gut feeling. As of now, I do feel this way. Hopefully it will be different.

My next post will be on the more positive tone of my trip with pictures! Harks! *pose pose*

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