Sunday, February 28, 2010

Double U studio opening

Was at Jimmy's grand opening today. The brand was well received by everyone and it was quite fun to have catch up with friends, close ones and hi-bye ones too!

To be honest I do not feel like writing much since my mood is quite down, probably due to some friendship issue and erm feeling left out. I wish there was a way I could write this down but it hurts everytime I want or try to write something regarding it... Sigh, am I so hard to understand? I feel like sharing it out but also wish to hold back some of the hidden feelings. I just realize too that last month on the same 28th, I posted something similar ... Mayb it is meant to be that I would not like the number 28 ... Ok... I think too much ...

Anyway, let's keep to the main point of this post ... The launch of Double U @ Kepong.

The creative director behind double U ... Jimmy Wong, my bro himself. For more inquiries, kindly visit their website

We were there to celebrate Gorden's Birthday too ... not sure if it was a celebration or just plain cut-cake event ... hmmm

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