Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Same Song, Same Tune

The same song plays,
The same tune sings,
How can you run so far and finished the end,
Hugging loneliness while admiring the simple moment again.

Think back of nostalgic recurring events,
it happens with the first, it happens with the second,
it happens with the last.
It happens with the last.

Hate felt when happened
Thoughts rise;
They never understand.
They never chose to.

Moment dies,
And as the same song plays,
The same tune sings,
Just like the same old times,
Being left and pushed to a corner,
where the same song plays and the same tune sings.
Believing they never chose to understand
It is never worth the moment.
Never worth the time.

The promised freedom faded,
into maturity where acceptance is fragile.

Let's just live with it
Let the same song plays
Let the same tune sings
Let it naturalise, as I will never understand, never learn,
For it happened for a reason,

The pain sharpens in reality,
Reality felt.
Back to the beginning,
Still being put into the corner of my own.
Still playing the same song, the same tune,
Just like the past.

None understand.
None changed.
It's the same.
Reality felt.

1 comment:

  1. andrew my handsome bf
    i miss u so much la
    haih class is just not the same widout u
    n tell tht woman eva tht i miss divaing wid her
    this diva is incomplete widout her mentor
    hud n kisses my dear frens