Tuesday, May 2, 2006


結束還是原諒 愛永遠擱在遠方
眼神不會說話 只有淚光
你給過希望 怎麼能忘

是你填滿溫暖 讓夢想有了翅膀
教我如何控制 風的方向
不能和你一起 擁有喜悅和悲傷
不管走多遠 步伐都沒有力量
不能和你一起 走往這世界 幸福方向

孤單的身旁少了堅強 只有簡單感傷#

Have you ever wonder how certain thoughts and mood just get stuck to you the whole time? It's something stuborn that couldn't be shaken off and you can hate it all you want, deny it presense but it keeps on coming back and haunt you ... but everything happened for a reason ... and everything that you wanted that never happened, also has a reason ... am I making any sense?

Am sorry, haven't been myself lately ... Just to let you all know


  1. yeah, is everything OK princess??

  2. yeeeeeeeeee
    you can write chinese one!!!!!!


  3. my princess... r u alrite over there... u know everybody will be worried if u r not happy...

    r u making any sense? or course my dear... just hang on okay...

  4. ken - no worries. am fine

    hafiz - yeap. am all right. except i am sick now ... down with the big 4

    shine - i can;t write chinese le. that's a lyric le ...

    leo - assure the rest; i am all right. Hanging on - hardly can breath now. flu, fever, cough and sorethroat together ...