Saturday, May 6, 2006

Major 4

When you get the major 4; it comes with a nice package labelled;


The ingredients shows; Fever, Flu, Cough and Sorethroat.

Yeah - I am officially sick with all those nasty virus! Am trying my best to heal. So far, my throat is no longer sore thanks to honey, lemon and salt. Hahaha... Will watched on my nose. If by next week, the flu is still as bad - I shall see the doctor ...

Thanks Eva & Grace for the wonderful tender loving care you girls had showered me this 2 days! Hehehe ...


  1. They're like having subsidized flu shots here..

  2. aww u poor thing! get well soon ... those pink pills works wonders though ...

  3. take care dear. drink lots of water ok?

  4. hi
    this is in regards to the film u made...i was wondering whether there is any way i could see it cos i was interested in having a look (its in mandarin is it?)when i read about it as you said alot of effort was put into it but last yr at the time, i knew there would not be a chance as i did not live in kl. However, as fate would have it, you moved to melbourne and so now i have an opportunity. Is there any way i could see it?

  5. sick d a.....
    gonna take good care of yourself o, tingting....