Friday, December 31, 2010


When you come upon a certain age or maturity, especially after you make some real progress in life defeating self pity and enduring a sea of hardship from work, social and family expectations... You become rigid, often choosing the road most taken and on many occasion subjecting to just doing the common, nothing outside the box. The reason to protect yourself, you prioritize none other than yourself.

First priority; fortress and defense

Crucial to prevent hurt, abandonment and depression. It comes in many forms of expression, anti social. Speak less of the mind and heart while having coffee or drinks with another person. Controlled affections and gesture of appreciation. To top it up, remaining silence in any form of decisions that may alter life changing experiences or risk self from being vulnerable to hurt. The training to do that? Simply rejecting empathy. All in the name of self defense.

Second priority; values and added ones

The chance of opportunities and chasing after a better living depends on this judgement of value. Is it worth every single time I invest. We are talking business? Nope, I beg to differ. In any friendship or love or even merely acquaintances ... the society talks about value in return. What can this friend do? What can this friend give back? Those questions which dilutes the real normality or supposedly relationship between human kinds have even been blurred by technology. Today people ask of looks, vital stats and discovering affection over gadgets, Internet spaces and some building marriages over kingdom in the virtual gaming reality. When a divorce comes, I want your warlord castle and the farms it comes with it. To worsen things, people become calculative even of the feelings they shared, sacrificies they make and some record a log of activities rotating around friends, only a few hours between friend a and then friend b. Rightful? Values? I believe we have officially allowed ourselves to decrease whatever that comes with that definition ... and we actually prefer it that way.

Priority three ; never the three

Long gone the Neighbour principle. We probably know more of celebrities then actual neighbors. Some of us still believe in the Neighbour charms but most us let it get by. So what if the opposite Neighbour moved in and out a gazillion times, I never had to bake muffins as welcome gifts and certainly save the trouble of it when they leave. Ideologies forgotten that has encrypted our lifestyles. Things that even couple do that affects a third party must be held for order of living. Dump the dog, uncare the home and divide the friends are among priorities couples do when they split. Third party? Is there even a need for one?

Priority Four : time is of the Essence

So breaking up on email is fast easy and reliable. Working on weekends gives you shortcut to a promotion or year end bonus if you are lucky. What's apping a friend is cheaper than actual call and invitation for drinks! Not to mentioned forgoing trips and any other gathering because I need more time! The strategy to this is to maximize me time and really just let days passed unplanned for the future. By that I meant living routinely and when the time comes, it comes. So in a fast paced world, comes the fast paced self therefore everything else is speedy. Need of speed to get into a relationship and get out of it. Applies throughout ... Work , charity , political arena, visiting home and even smelling the roses can be done now by downloading a quick app. Time! Aging is forbidden

Priority five ; thou shall have explanations

And at the end all excuses. Procrastination and mislead is vital for this element to survive. All said and done has an agenda to it and thee shall accept it for thou is the conquering royalty. Simple term, ego boosting self inflicted recognition people exist in every nook and corner of the planet. These maskers hide their weakness and shower you with speech that encourages their stand and charisma. How to avoid them? Don't!!!! The more you know them, the better it is to tacklee such people. Where to find them? You will be surprise ... And I am sure you know where the answers are. People do it for a number of reason, mainly to protect their ass and that is closlely related to priority one. So the next time you feel hurt that someone is trying to justify himself or herself, just sulk it up and ramble it with your friends. Cos people like that will never learn to listen, accept humility and admit their wrong. When was the last time you said sorry? Or tweet about humility to another person? Yeap ... Go figure how come majority people status their dissatisfaction and have reasons to prove that they are right. Is it necessary?

And so I am feeling the strain blogging from binge. Talk about priorities when it comes to writing down a thought. Thou I used up 30min just to pin my thoughts down thru a phone. So don't mind the errors! Happy new year and may your priorities change

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