Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beyond 2011

Today I spent some quality time with Mr Darling catching up about many aspects of life. Before I start, just for the sake of explanation ... Mr Darling is a close friend and not someone romatically related. I know you are reading this Mr Darling, happy? LOL

I would like to call him by that nickname because of his nature in always putting others before himself and how his pragmatic advise, support and moral assistance have always been enlightening ever since the day we met.

Mr Darling claims that I am very moody, or it is portrayed that way in my blog. To clear things out, perhaps I have been quite imbalance in the past often writing the negativity ramblings in my life, overshadowing the opposite which are the joy in my life. I guess it's just natural that I complain more than I compliment. In a different perspective, I talk alot about bad stuff rather than good stuff. Yeap! What a smack in my own face right?

That said, I believe I do post about my happy times too ~ like my Korea trip, friends outing and others. If we are talking about dwelling into the deep of my thoughts and emotional fortress (more like a barn filled with animals actually, think of Snow White) ... I believe often it is dark because I have a tendency to keep negativity buried inside. But Mr Darling is right, I must learn to overcome pessimism and have more confidence.


1st lesson. To accept who I am and complain less? Yes ... must do that immediately.

So, let's channel some positive tone and after all, Christmas this year wasn't that bad! To begin with, I've received numerous wonderful gifts from colleagues and friends. I shall wait till 16th next month before showing off the gifts I received *snobbish pose* as my last xmas party is scheduled then. That said, I am actually happy, or safely said content with what I have achieved this year.

1. Completed 60% of my MBA studies without any failed subject so far. Let's keep the fingers crossed through out the course.
2. Met new friends and flourished some that became important companions in my life
3. Had a fair emotional ride as well as logical enlightenment
4. Worked my ass out for the company who seems to appreciate me to a certain degree, although I think otherwise
5. Spent quality and quantity time with my family
6. Equally dedicated myself to my religious view and exploration of new teachings
7. Discovered a new hobby and successfully learned new ones as well
8. Been blessed by god with positive, friendly, thoughtful and respectful acquaintances in aspect of personal, relative and work life
9. Learn the hardest lesson of all; accepting fact, finding solution and to stand up strong again while learning from mistakes - Binge this is for you!
10. Visited Korea with my loved ones

The list should continue but I think it would be bragging. Thus what lies for me in year 2011? Well, I have to say according to many horoscopes and "premonition claims", it would be a difficult year for me. I hereby say, bring it on. Challenges and the worse are yet to come ... so be it. I will learn to survive, hopefully with the support of my loved ones who walk the talk and been there for both my laughter and tears. You guys are the greatness I achieved. To be accurate, success will be better. lol

Well ... time to go feed my skin with vitamin e.

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