Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My CIMB atm freak out

After the ATM failure to withdraw my cash and without a receipt, I really thought that tomorrow will be hell for me to convince the bank that I want my money back. Being in Pyramid around 10pm wasn't really gonna help as the banks are closed. Financial inconveniences are the worst!!!


So to speak, the customer service report and advise was to direct me to the nearest bank to lodge a report as early as 915am and probably sit to wait for the security investigation. I will have to be early to avoid both the crowd in the bank and the ATM lodge from gunnysacking from morning transactions.

Back home at last, I was preparing my mental note and defense tactics for tomorrow at the same time multitasking to check my balance online. I was login in the website to check the balance and my mind is ticking. Last I knew, the balance was deducted from a quick check from the opposite ATM. I was furious, worried and dread the day when the final amount total on the website showed at my computer screen after 2 hours of the ordeal, I grin with satisfaction. CIMB have credited my account. Indeed a technical issue.

All is well now. Smile. I have to say that CIMB service and performance is commendable!

How come we don't get efficient service like this elsewhere?

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