Saturday, December 18, 2010

BBQ Xmas party 2010

I had lots of fun just a few hours back. Chilling with my VUMBA mates is always very funny and relax. Although at many times I have to hide my sexuality, somehow I enjoy myself very much in their company. Perhaps it is the idea that you get a fair bit mix of everything; male singles, female singles, married couples, soon to be married couples, just started couples, long term couples and to top it up, most of them know how to have fun! I strongly believe even due to our differences, we are all friends to keep

I wanted to blog about something more on a serious tone today, was thinking about the topic but when Masaki ran her car into mine. I had a total blackout and when the shock passed, so did the topic I wanted to blog about.

So here I am, putting up a picture of me pretending to be a reindeer.

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