Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's tuesday, and counting

Can't wait for tomorrow! I am finally going on leave. For one day. That said, it is better than none. Have to be positive since Mr Darling is constantly reminding me about my previous post and yes yes ... I should keep up to it. *Lifting eyebrow

I will be making my days worth, whatever that is left of 2010. It has not been exactly a bad year but the next few days could turns things around if I am not careful. So, one day at a time ... I shall bring my family on an outing tomorrow for half the day and spent the other half with Mr Watch! Then on Thursday, its work again, gym and meeting up with a prospective person to give me part time job. To think of juggling a full time job, part time job and MBA ... *lifting both eyebrows ... Thank you Mr Darling for the job recommendations! Friday would be hell but I think I am meeting MK for Disney Princess marathon or drinks nearby, whichever more convenient. Then meeting with Mr Cameraman on Sunday for another prospective part time income. Wah lah ... Its 2011 then ... :P

So many mister mister. Maybe I should be more creative at camouflaging my friends. After all, I am trying to squeeze my creative head more often. Hmmm ... Somehow I am not anonymous but they are, ironic rite?

Ok ... So ... I am at work now, trying to finish my stuff but at the same time constantly distracted by the peace and quiet surrounding. No one is working ... So be it ... I shall work in my slowest, most unproductive ever pace. Burnt out since last saturday and sunday ...

So ... I am up for lunch in a few minutes. Time to youtube for new music videos.

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