Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lawyer to be? Not ...

I have to say that it is so worth doing MBA, especially when it comes to Business Law. Although I do not get the usual dosage or dramatic storylines like CSI because we do not touch on Criminal Law, it is so interesting to have learn about the twirls and swirls of law, especially when it comes to business dealings.

I have to say that it is fairly important to know about what the law says, what it can do and what others can do to you. With just three chapters, Tort, Partnership and Company Law and all the variance with cases, precedent, legislature and also layman term, dos and don'ts - you fairly get the idea of how to defend yourselves legally against suit, possible risk of compensation or people seeking damages. It is pretty scary what people can and will do to you with that equipment of knowledge!!! Think consumer protection and compensation of insurance!

At least now I know the extend of how to legally bind and correction to protect myself. This involves going into promises for business or negotiations that may turn sour at the end. I find it so interesting that things that could be so wrong and can be right, or rightfully correct that can be miserably faulty at the end! It is really not that confusing really when you start flipping through pages of law books explaining the terms and clauses.

Well, I have been up since 10am writing law answers for cases, questions and test trials. Ever since then I have not stop reading, writing and listening to lecture on the law subjects. Even as soon as class ends at 8pm, I took only an hour break of dinner and since 9pm, I've been catching up on what I missed last week on partnership law. Since it's almost 1130pm and having law terminology behind my brains, I believe it is in reasonable standing that I retreat from this subject. Chubchub too had a nice chat with me on partnership and I believe he finds the subject intriguing.

I shall continue Company Law tomorrow and venture into director duties and its duly remedy if breach happens. Don't get me wrong, I am not a lawyer ... just the average guy who has interest in law

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