Monday, December 13, 2010

Korea 2010

Some may have seen the pics from facebook. Anyway, here is my contribution. I really have too many pictures, close to 400 plus and perhaps a little more if I didnt lose Binge. Here are some of the selected pics from my nikon ... that said, the moment lives on in memory! That is the beauty of traveling to an awesome place with your loved ones.

Enjoy ~

Arriving in a small town, Incheon Airport is quite a distant away from Seoul

Go Korea during winter, of course must do this ... Ski! Or at least play snowball war ... or to my parents, have hot coffee and enjoy the snow mountain and watch their children scream, yell, fall and cheer when they successfully ski from top to the bottom ...

You can even ski at night! Nice rite? But too tired and too cold!

So we went picture taking around the surrounding

The hotel also has a cafe where they shot Winter Sonata ... romantic la konon!

Then, next day we went to Dragon Peak where they are building a new 15degree 6km slide from the mountain top to the bottom. It takes about 10minutes ... planning to launch it probably only next winter, but the top is splendidly beautiful ... and freezing chilly (-6 degree I heard!)

Have to take cable car up!

And of course we went to Nami Island, where they shot romantic scene of Winter Sonata!

You probably know the famous shot below ... ! Betul cantik gila ... We played throwing autumn leaves too ... but I do not want to post a picture of me laughing like a kid playing with my Grandma throwing leaves onto me ... So go figure yourself :P

And we went to ... no introduction needed as the pic says it all ...

Not real ones, but real sizes ones!

Hey look! its mum ... Really? I must not dig my nose then ~

Went to fishing village near Mount Sorak, mum shopped for seaweed (the real wet kind ones!) and we dine ... grilled squid stuffed with fried rice ~ MOST YUMMY FRIED RICE I had EVER! probably also because its winter ...

and of course the Mount Sorak (or is it Sora?) park, where we learned about Buddhism, enjoy the culture historical walk and talk about Korean war. Not to mentioned, busy taking pictures too

Our group photo also taken here since there are heaps of place!

Then we visited Everland~ Themepark develop by Samsung! They have this huge roller coaster ride that is as big as a mountain but it was closed due to the cold winters. We had lots of fun riding many other attractions (ie the zoo and all la ... !) lazy to explain.

The night scenery was magical and very beautiful. It made us very very happy!!!

But I am sure if K were around, he would allow me to buy this. Cos it looks cute on me! But my parents were very against it ... sob sob

Then we were off to Seoul. Boring place, but had lots of shopping and visiting done. Some of the summary as follow:

Culture house where we made kimchi for Charity and manage to dress up as crazy wacko ancient Korean family! Mum is so hillarious ~ even dad

The Palace where the Korean King stayed, created today's Korean writing whose entire family was executed when Japan invaded.

Seoul Parliament, or is it the President office. Something like that la~

We watched Nanta show ... it was so fun! hehe

PS - and 2 shopping places (nothing much to talk about except that I bought stuff :P) and also this culture road where we had only 1 hour to shop and no time for camera. Also bought stuff! haha

Odusan Observation Tower - where we get to see across North Korea. It is so safe la! Please ... anyway, we were about 500m away from the border and can see North Korea guard towers. Cross the Han river and you are dead~ ping pang! haha

Dad scouting for bombs

Of course, my most beloved picture:

And thats the end of it... at least for year 2010 ...

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