Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It has been a few days since fireworks burst into colors welcoming the year of 2011. Amazingly, time has passed by. When I talk about my Uni days with Mr Watch, especially back in Cyberjaya ... it hits me that it was half a decade ago. Although I miss the good ol times, I was not exactly the best of myself then. Not entirely evil, but it was a period of trial and errors

Today, I sit among the comfort of great friends and with soulful music filling the quiet air of city lights ... I have found again contentment. For the short moment this feeling will live and I know soon, it will be swallowed whole again.

To reminisce like how MK puts it, I want to detail down some past few interesting findings since the fireworks;

An acquaintance who shared the Oreo cheese cake and Chocolate moist cake told me that he regret letting love pass his time. A few years later, the feeling lingers a shade of disappointment and loneliness that is too late. He said "Trust me, Andrew it is impossible to find love in this circle and to let it go, you are just asking for it". I never believe him, but looking into his eyes and heart, I found similarities and fear among my own. Something has to be done

I spent the new year the way I like it and it was simple, meaningful and very relaxing. That said, I look back and wonder why I never got my wish during Christmas. In the past I depended on my X to make Christmas wonderful and it is. But somehow, I never really got the chance to fulfill my wish to shop for Christmas decorations and going through the trouble of getting it up, picking the color scheme and working around the budget. I vow to make that change in 2011, it is probably easier since I do not have to worry that much anymore.

While in gym, I realize that confidence and friends is crucial to avoid boredom, self pity and unnecessary attention. Although some degree of attention is good to boost that narcissism trait of mine. To top it up, I finally understand the true meaning of going to the gym which is to have a healthy workout and to execute as much weight exercise as possible to avoid waste in my daily routine protein intake and finally getting the lines to seeing 4 squares on my tummy. That said, diet is important too. Selecting your food is vital!

So ... three details to remember. Somehow, they sound like resolutions don't they?

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