Friday, September 24, 2010

Invisible wishlist item - SLASHED!

The week flew pass! It really did. I had a string of projects on my table and for the first time since I started work, I was determine to deliver results and get feedbacks before my long holiday. Yeap, my hardwork attending to work while everyone was away on public holiday earned me the long weekend. I had my thursday and friday off from work

Although occasionally I had to pick up calls and entertain work, I spend most of my time doing mainly the things I wanted to do all month. I know I sound like an aunty who is probably "ku lao" - traditionalist in definition -, I went to the temple with my mum and dad, spend quality time with them the whole morning-late afternoon yesterday and when it was about time to study, I dread myself to open the thick textbook and read up on technical systems, jargons and case studies. Even when it was time to have drinks with my best buddies, MK and Caffeinne Sunbear, I took the liberty to bring my books and quickly note my points, while multitasking to hearing their stories and gossips.

As for today? I spend the entire day running around. Settling my Unifi installation (say hello to fast internet streaming), changed my mobile no. to a principal plan, had my ATM card problem fixed at the bank, running around Sgor and finally picking up this :

Yeap. My new gadget and latest camera toy. It's the Fujifilm Instant Camera I bought. I love polaroid pictures, instant pictures. There is just something about snapping the picture, seeing a blank photo slowly transforming into vivid mementos that probably only have one copy in time. It's just really cool ... The camera only cost a couple of hundreds (RM200 ++ retail price) but the costly investments comes from the instant film that you have to buy. It is about RM35 for 10pieces of polaroid pics. By the way, once you hit the shutter button ... there is no turning back. If unlucky, its like cutting a RM3.50 note with a scissors!

Fortunately ... I have contacts to get'em cheaper. Marginally ... but better than nothing ~

I am so bringing this fun new toy to Korea. Actually I bought it for Korea ... I just hope I can find some cute stickers to decorate my bue. Yeap, I name my camera bue. Nyek nyek nyek

I shall stop boasting and start planning about my strategy in tackling the questions for MIS exam tomorrow since I kinda like slack and lag in my revision for the subject. So much for taking my leave to prep for exam! Not that I really care about it since it is an open book exam ... But I really hope my brain and writing brain cells can work efficiently and effectively tomorrow.

They must, or I will rely on last-minute prayers to get through the 3 hours long exam period

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