Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Again, another female boss

How do you know when you can go through another day at work after a series of accusations, unappreciative gestures and a whole lots of stress?

When your immediate boss calls you and listen to you. By doing so, I realise how powerful bosses can be at times. They can assert pressure, impose rules and demand expectations but as long as they do not cross the line in being unprofessional and release their inner demon as if when you sign the job offer, you signed to be their personal punching bag too ... life at work can be managed.

That is the difference I felt between my boss and some "other bosses". If you guys follow my tweets, I believe some of you know what happened to me at the office yesterday.

I don't want to be sexist but I do feel that lady bosses are quite exquisitely fragile in EQ empathy. Read the lines carefully before you start bombarding me with feminist, one-sided commentaries ya!

What I am trying to say, or so to summarize and save everyone the trouble is that female bosses or seniors tend to be very defensive and autocratic. At least that is how I felt through my experience in both having female senior and bosses. With the newly elected manager for marketing and comm for one of our clientel and after meeting with her for only 10 min, I dare to say ... it is definitely a problem to work closely and effectively with this gender, when they are empowered and vulnerable to all aspect of risk. Risk of discussion, Risk of failure, Risk of being looked down, Risk of being challenged, Risk of looking bad and the list goes on.

That said, I met wonderful women bosses who assert leadership with admiration, praises and walk the talk with such grace, respect and honour. Dramatic I know! But made possible by most of these extreme female senior or bosses bully cases outside. Bully in the terms of demotivating and becomes a gossip topic for bitches like me to ramble and share about!

Of course males have their downfalls too but I have good experience with male counterparts so far. NAH NAH! DIRTY THINKING asides ya! :P

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