Saturday, September 11, 2010

BAD formulas all over

I know I have a problem with shopping. I would like to believe it is just a phase in my life. I was build in a way to give myself reason in buying things. Positive note, I keep the economic running. Negative note, the economic hasn't been kind "enough" to me ... yet. Period

So I told myself to have a budget, which fluctuates according to singapore currency (since I travel and buy things there, compulsively) and to my debts, to contra any insurance payment or bills. This month, I am definitely down by a few hundreds due to out-of-pocket responsibilities. But I manage to get some good savings and since MK is not around, and Caffeine Sunbear is busy ... I had to immerse myself in something to avoid depression ... erm ... not excuses k! therefore the last minute retail therapy today

Since I had to work half day today, to support and chinese terminology "show face" at one of client's place on a public holiday. It made my compulsiveness to shop worsen. Adding oil into fire, metaphorically referring it to my wallet - or credit card, burning a hole in them ... I had an hour off to walk around the book fair upstairs of Aquaria, KLCCC. BAD BAD FAIR!

The formula to have cheap books + impulse buying + peer pressure = surely spend money. Then to have DVD and CDs + cheap + limited + impulse buying + peer pressure = to surely spend more money!

Then, with my "cosmetic" replenishment which is so necessary THAT is valid reason to spend but falling into a marketing gimmick ... purchasing extra stuff on top of my valid reason, suddenly I felt myself pumping finance into the monetary system again.

So, here I am ... sitting down arranging my newly bought stuff;

3 Cds, 2 DVD box sets, 4 books, 1 facial serum, 1 facial cleanser and 1 lip gloss. Total spent; RM650 ... not that bad rite?

Another bad formula ... taglines like dream + imagination + showcase + diva actress = surely spend money at cinema and DVD release...

This is what I meant!!!

I know! Christina Aguilera FIRST MOVIE! *SCREAMS* JUMP UP AND DOWN

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