Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad Boss Traits

Here are the checklist to know if your boss is delusional, misdirected and worth questioning his leadership

  1. He starts believing that his achievements is his own, solely his, only his and to be his in the future
  2. He mistreat his workers, expecting them to sell their soul to his company
  3. He runs his company without international standards or basic organization system
  4. He immensely is into profit only, money comes first ... then cash, then monetary benefits
  5. He lay human assets to rest
  6. He does not face the reality that his products are not superior and strongly will not change for the better
  7. He employs monkeys and expect senior managers to listen, obey and in return, re-instruct back the monkeys to work
  8. He calls you a dog without knowing the long term impact, taunt and trauma one will face
  9. He dismissed any solution, ideas or suggestions that seem like risk to his business continuation plan (if he even has one)
  10. He is hard headed believing that no one will replace his influence and creations in the industry
  11. He reads and follow his emails, but do not act on them
  12. He does not take responsibilities for the failure of performance, adherence to work standards and disciplinary deliverable of his pupils
  13. He is white, therefore he is superior among all
  14. He expects the company to grow without funding, senior exec leadership and below the line products
  15. He hears you but you MUST listen to him
  16. He is clueless about your background, achievable and uses personal time to spearhead ideologies in work rather than building relationship ties
  17. He offers heaven but provides hell
  18. He enforce and preach ideologies than practice and teach
  19. He complains more than he suggest, he criticize more than he compliments, he comments more than he assist
  20. He idolize the wrong kind of business model.
Does your boss have those traits?

Ok, maybe I am just a bit emotional. Just thinking about the experience a close friend of mine shared earlier over lunch. Hmmm ....

Back to work!

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