Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shattering Poem

I do believe I fail someone. Tried very hard to be that someone but still faltered. Deeply twisted, deeply kept.

Always uncertain. Always afraid to show expression, always fearful and always worried. Life is short enough, but still I choose to live in shadow, casting them aside would be nothing, meaningless and innocently guilty.

Running waters, crying seas. It's easy to walk off the path but how come there are no peace, guide and support as thee has said, promise and shine on others. How come the mystery of being a fool is being chased

I do believe I took it for granted. Have I stop trying? Doubt and without the arms. Fallen

Plea for the hands to lead me through. I could not bear the falling out, fired scarring old wounds. Torn souls, heaven forbids. Messed up and I told you so

Reasons of being depress and wondering afar. Granted


I like writing aimlessly, just letting my head and heart take over once a while. Breathing though feelings and dropping inks as I go. No structure, no objectives just plain expressions from me. I hope I am not boring you guys. Anyway, moods have been up and down lately, like an old sad piece of piano playing.

Time to go and munch on

They say chocolates make you happy. Ironically, bitter chocolate makes me feel better. Bitter ... lol

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