Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Need help - Furry Friends Farm

I have been busy the past weekend. Yeap, nothing new you would say but I want everyone who reads my blog know about something that happened last Sunday. It was a Sunday where I skipped my MBA (rare and surprising occasion yea?), to spend time with Dogs. It started my sending my own dog to the vet, getting him treated for a skin allergy. After wrestling him to sit still in the car with one hand and the other controlling the steering, at most time asking him to shut up and just sit still, occasionally moving my view from the highway to the back mirror to take note of the boy - I finally reached the Vet clinic in one piece. Fortunately, his energy was drained and the trip back was more peaceful.

That was nothing compared to what I did later in the afternoon. K and I went shopping! For a lot of dog food and ended up doing volunteering work at a dog shelter in Kundang. Unlike SPCA and PAWS, the dogs here are not put to sleep. To date, I believe there are more than 200 dogs freely in the farm.

The story there is devastating. With dogs constantly fighting with each other for food - often ended up in blood bath, resting under the rain and heavy sun due to lack of roof shelter, sleeping among dog poo and pee, smelly dogs that haven't been bathed for ages, aging dogs coming down with disease, lack of food source, water source, cleaning works ... bla bla bla and the sad depressing stories continue.

You so gotta be there to feel it. The moment I stepped in, I teared but I told myself to hold back all the unnecessary emotions and start getting to work. For the next few hours, I gave massages to dogs, gave baths to dogs, fed them, washed their dirty dishes, cleared a drain filled and stucked with dry leaves and poo poo, clean their den and re"design" a new hang out place for them with K. Yeap, K has a serious OCD thinge going on that day. If volunteering work was allowed pass night time, he would have slept with the 200 dogs! True dog lover ... SALUTE! SALUTE!

To add, if you guys remember the pulau ketam case where many dogs were abandon at this island where they kill themselves for food, left to die and even to serve as victim to poisonous snakes ... the survivors are hosted at this very shelter. I was shocked and bewildered to find cocker spaniel breeds (two of them) in this group of cruelty. Obvious dumping by irresponsible and FUCKED UP guardians. May karma fall upon them for their cruelty! Go google how cocker spaniel look like ... you will be awed yourselves! click here to see the breed yourselves!

When I left the place, I made friends with both human volunteers and personally got attached to meimei, dodo, arthur, yoyo, bunny-wabbit, walnut, wongchoi, sipu-look-alike, scratched by ah fok and so many more! Yeap, those are dog names ~

For more info please spread your kindness at : www.furryfriendsfarm.org.my

The next round, probably end of this month ... I am going again. Please spare your kindness and help donate food. One RM can give a dog food for one day. One packet of dog food cost merely RM50 and you give the dog 50days of life or 50 dogs a day without hunger.

I again plea all my readers to help. Dogs there are not put to sleep ... the ugly truth is, other shelters do! Help the dogs ...

To end this post, picture of MeowMeow ... the dog that was blinded and I bathed him. I don't think anyone notice how heartbroken when another volunteer and I found that he has a missing eye and had to carefully bath him. His owners threw him out the house and was rescued by Sabrina, owner of Furry Friends.

I should stop, cos I end up cursing those irresponsible owners ... *teary eyes again*

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