Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Post Mortem August Summary

It was a good month I would say. I had the longest birthday celebration this year ... having dinner with family, friends, great companions, relatives, colleagues and all for 2 weeks in a row. I know I may sound like I am boasting and all, but I really want to express my gratitude and extend my happiness to those who cared to make my 25th birthday a great one.

August is also the month where I had the longest sickness. Caught after my birthday, the bacterial infection on my eyes lasted 2-3 days follow suit by a fever and viral infection that causes flu extended almost 10 days. That period of time was also filled with school, traveling for work alone and all. The feeling was excruciating to know that being alone and independent suck big time.

That said, my birthday month is also a month of heart breaks. Filled with disappointment, fatigue and a strings of bad news. Although nothing much, it tested my mental capacity to handle and balance decisions in life and also stress. August is also the month I would say how it had highlighted and opened my eyes to certain friends ... how compatibility can crash, burn and never to be mentioned. In simply terms, ever felt that you were just a tool or toy?

A thought that I will remind myself of the cruelty, unprotected, fake and selfish world out there. I shall build barriers and react ... I owe it to myself

After the whole lots of drama being on the negative side of life, I must say god is fair. I found a new friend at gym, who is an exact duplicate of me. We have the same common interest for x-men, deep interest where we live in our own mutant world every time we start our conversation about how cyclops and jean grey are meant to be, how jubilee should not be in the cartoon, how gambit is a traitor but cute being with rogue, how storm is like the most glamorous character in the comic and the list goes on. That said, our taste in fashion, music, gym routines and movies are very similar too. Best thing? We live 3 min drive away only!

Of course, to end it all. I had my trip to Sarawak with a bunch of really kewl and great to hang out friends. Thou we have our times of disagreements, insults, disapproval activities and all - we stick to each other and this time around embrace the stay deep in the rainforest. Not exactly the holiday one would imagine, climbing hills and wet tracks back to cabin daily ... enduring expensive scarce and inconsistent of food quality that is only available in 2 restaurants ... getting power trips frequently that scare the shit out of us - pure darkness isn't exactly relaxing ... but we did had fun because we had a bunch of us. Overall, the trip was slow paced and really took us back to our roots. Fun!

I also finally received my birthday gifts from the bunch of girls. I love the gift and also had my FIRST instax (polaroid) picture taken by lilpixie. I absolutely adore the picture ... something valuable in it that keeps me smiling each time I lift the instant picture up. Thanks pixie! Hugs

I do have pictures to upload from the trip, especially the one lilpixie took of me jumping in the air. For now, I shall just run through my previous bday pics ... Really, just bear with me because I do love my birthday pics this year around. These are the left outs since my first post on my bday...

The only thing I guess I missed this year is celebrating or wishing everyone (especially Malaysian) Happy Independence day. 53 years? No?

Oh! Look at the time... time to go pick some friends up from LCCT. Nitey and see ya in Sept!

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  1. hey !

    Happy belated birthday !!

    hope you had a great one !!