Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Woke up in the morning ...

... and realize that today is the first day where all (OK! some, majority) of our Muslim friends are going on the annual fast. Ramadan period is here again and with fasting month, the going-home jam starts earlier, the muslim skips lunch, they finish work earlier, the drinking and snacking at workplace has to be more discreet and I look forward for another year of feasting at their food bazaar. Unfortunately because I do not have a MOHD at the front of my surname, I do not think my boss will pardon me to leave work earlier and scout for food at the Ramadan bazaar.

Do you know that you find rare items in the bazaar? To me rare la cos my mum doens't cook malay food... Those like;

Sotong Bakar
Ayam Percik
Roti John
Roti Jala dengan kari kambing
Jagung Pangang


Cendol Bandung!


many more!

Oh! Can't wait to try the Ikea's buka puasa thinge also ... since I missed it last year and also to spend time with my malay buddies to buka puasa. Can't wait to eat Kurma too! NAK PERGI BAZAAR!!! *stomps feet repeatedly

I really really want to just go off and spend money there! But at present moment, it seems quite impossible. Unless it is a Sunday where there are tons of people, but compared to weekdays with less people --- sigh my hands are tied! and so I shall await the day some prince come by and sweep me off my feet, riding his white horse together-gether and galloping away to the bazaar where we will use our dimes and purchase authentic local malay food, feeding each other till the sun set .... Haha

I can sense this

coming straight to my face! Hehe ... well, Selamat Berpuasa kawan rakan sahabat sekalian!

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