Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Harrods and Iphones

It is always great to have friends abroad, especially those who will spend time out and catch up. Erwin Ko is one of them. Since I missed his birthday by one week, I decided to get him a nice gift ... something I know he will like


Hehe ... hope he likes it. By the way, we went hunting again today ... hunt as in shopping. Konon la dia mahu shopping, end up ... actually quietly wanting to get me a pressie. Sweet of him, but most of the belts I like ... either way to expensive or way no size ... We ended up with dinner, desserts and me happy tweeting using his new gadget

And so I played with his Iphone 4 and found out that there is this main problem with the phone. It only takes microsim cards. What the f**k is that? Google it ... So ... now the phone gotta wait AGAIN because I am not sure any telco from Msia carry or would "authorize" any grant of switching to microsim telco cards for mobile numbers. Although waiting is not an issue for me ... I really do not know how long my E71 can hold. The crack is getting larger and more obscure!

That said, I equally love the phone too to replace it with any other. Nostalgic memory and to be honest, the phone was bought at its peak price and the effort to get it during that time definitely left many great memories. I am sure Caffeine Sunbear would agree!

Ok ... time to sulk my way back to hotel and Malaysia. With a bad flu, fever and no Iphone4 to play with. Lemongrassboy is unhappy and demotivated ...

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  1. Maxis has micro-sim cards already. Just no iphone 4 yet.